Space Arcade(the game!)

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Pwn the universe with your tiny ship by playing any level in any order you wish! Grab coins and upgrade your ship in this relaxing shmup!
NOTE to MODERATORS: I know I sent an update earlier today, but that udpate was BAD :( I have to reupdate and I am NOT doing this to bother you or anything. I had no idea NG prevented updates after so many views. Please don't punish me.



its a very challenging game, even when you unlock all the powerups. I got stars for every level except the the bottom row. Great game i dont see any need for improvement. One suggestion i have is have more upgrades, or unlockables, ie. damage upgrade, or an assist ship. I had everything unlocked by mission 12.

McFarlandBEATS responds:

I'd love to add those too, thanks for playing :)

eh, it was blaa

good concept, but it didnt really work, the mechanics r a little crappy (arrow keys dont always work)...........................

McFarlandBEATS responds:

There is a small % of people that have this problem. This has to deal with the keyboard hardware, not me. Some keyboards are wired poorly which results in limiting key-presses. I wish there was something I could do about this but sadly I cannot. Thanks for playing.


So I have the game muted right now, and thus I can't judge anything involving sound, but I did want to say that this is fantastic. It's a fun, relaxing, and mildly challenging shooter that doesn't require me to try and use a mouse (that I don't have because I'm on the laptop).
It's a satisfying little title, and that's all that must be said.

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Fun, tight controls. a good take on the galaga top down shooter. I really really wish the Mute function worked (you can't always listen to the sound, especially when you need to use your computer for other things -- it forced me to navigate away from the page).

McFarlandBEATS responds:

That grey "more games" area is in the way.. The best approach is to just close the overlay, which has a blue X in it's upper right corner if you mouse over it. Also you can click on the buttons with the overlay still there if you aim your mouse cursor above the gray overlay's border. I think this is what you were referring to. Hope this helps and thanks for playing.

Brings a whole new meaning

To Bullet Hell D: my only nit pic is that the coins often get inthe way of the bullets so when I'm off to collect some large coin i get hit by the shot underneath. Which wouldn't be so bad if this didn't happen ALL THE TIME Dx but that's me.

Great game really, very challenging, don't like how enemies show up behind you tho :I

McFarlandBEATS responds:

Thanks for playing :) Have you used the attractor? That picks up the coins so you can just ignore them for the most part.

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3.97 / 5.00

May 29, 2011
11:00 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight