Space Arcade(the game!)

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Pwn the universe with your tiny ship by playing any level in any order you wish! Grab coins and upgrade your ship in this relaxing shmup!
NOTE to MODERATORS: I know I sent an update earlier today, but that udpate was BAD :( I have to reupdate and I am NOT doing this to bother you or anything. I had no idea NG prevented updates after so many views. Please don't punish me.


man quite a challenge!

I always have high expectations for bullet games like these.

My biggest complaint is that I would have had at least a 3 second shield after being hit, moments after being hit by a laser I would suddenly be hurt again, this may perhaps be due to keyboard control as its harder to control and is easier to get hit this way, if you could add a mouse control option this may not be of concern. Otherwise a temporary shield so I can recuperate slightly and get away.

I agree with everyone else about getting money, although it wasn't extremely difficult it did take quite a while to get a single upgrade, for this I recommend making it easier to get money then adding many more upgrades, its very thrilling to save up for 3 upgrades that you really needed ever so badly.

The music did get a little boring after a while. But shit its a hard game so I had to find my own music anyway naturally.
All in all I would consider it very worth while. Learn from this so you can make fantastic games!


Great game, but money was too hard to come by. Still the graphics were good for the genre, this game was exactly what I was looking for the other day, and above all challenging enough not to get boring after 10 mins. As with pmp323, I reckon a weapon powerup or something would be nice, as well as an upgrade or bonus of a small assistant ship. Nice work

Excellent work!

Even with all of the upgrades you can obtain this game is still a challenge. The game never got boring since, again, the challenge was just right for each level. Can't say anything about the music since I was listening to deadmau5 while playing (actually goes great with this game).
Thank you for the awesome game!

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McFarlandBEATS responds:

Glad you like it! Thanks for playing :)

This game is hightly annoying

Graphics. Are ok actually didn't have too bad of a problem with them

Music. Is very annoying, thankfully you put a mute button.

Game play. Was boring, it starts off too easy and then get's way too hard too fast. Mostly because it's so hard to make money, it's such a slow process and makes you want to shoot yourself after a while.

In all I think this game could be improved greatly.

McFarlandBEATS responds:

Thanks, I know this game could be improved by a LOT. Actually this is my first ever finished game. So I intend on my next games to be far more polished.. Thanks for playing.


This game kept me immersed and entertained for a good half hour. That is more than most flash games i've played.
This fast paced game has great controls and even better weapon upgrades.
While it IS very challenging at times, it is by no means impossible, which just adds to its greatness.
I added to favorites, because i will come back again.

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McFarlandBEATS responds:

Definitely my goal! I'm glad this game was a good time killer for you :)

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3.97 / 5.00

May 29, 2011
11:00 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight