Space Arcade(the game!)

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Pwn the universe with your tiny ship by playing any level in any order you wish! Grab coins and upgrade your ship in this relaxing shmup!
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Space Shooter Genre Would Be Proud...

I seriously was about to dish this game when I first started playing and thinking I could just add more junk to my ship and just pass through the levels seamlessly with tricks, and continuous shooting... but then it got interesting.

The game got clever, as I played on, especially after I reached the tech limit. I became entrenched about my maneuvers, the different types of enemies, timing when to shoot, when not to shoot, and finally the timely incorporation of the bomb. For a 2D game, I sure did remember the feel of a flight sim for a minute there. 74 tries to beat the last level, worth the wait, despite the non-narrative victory scene, which sort of goes against the game's design anyway.

The game comes in a intense yet supersimple package and fits perfectly in the arcade genre. It's easy to pick up, challenging to play, and even after playing expertly many times I think it will still challenge speed, memory and dexterity of the player.

I could definitely see this as a predecessor for a type of Flight Sim, even in Flash with a bit more fancy 3D, etc, but this edition is fine as it is.

Thanks for uploading.

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Not a bullet hell, stop trying

The problem with this game is that much of it is like a bullet hell game, but it's just not built for that. You have to hold still to land your shots, and that doesn't go well with as many bullets as you get.

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Very nice bullet hell space shooter

You've done a great job of putting together an interesting and challenging game. The difficulty curve in the final tier of levels is extreme! It was a little painful grinding for money, but once you found the "cash cow" levels things started shaping up. High level shields and attractors were still out of reach by the end of my game, but maybe I'll come back and grind it out a little more later on.

No medals? That's a shame, because this could really have some nice ones. There is some slow-down between the on-screen enemies and shots, but in a game like that it actually helps a bit. If I had to choose one thing that I found particularly disappointing, it would be that expending cash for Smart Bombs doesn't rid the screen of enemy shots. Of course that just increases the challenge level even more--especially when you're getting mobbed by thousands of enemies all shooting their own unique patterns of bullets.

Graphics aren't amazing or anything, but who cares? This is a game of dexterity and skill. Besides, more complex graphics would exponentially increase the slow-down. The music is awesome, but even these great tracks get too repetitive after a while. Props for including music and sound effect mute buttons! Always a wise move.

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Nuff Said!!!

No major flaws

The difficulty it's perfectly balanced for me , and the graphics are attactive in retro way .The game it's catchy , you keep playing just to back to the previous levels with more powerful weapons and say "Say hello to my new Friend!!!" :P . Jus need more variated backgrounds , and improve the player Lasers effects , and maybe a boost special effect when you use the Turbo. P.s. The basic weapon have a too high fire rate making it too much effective.

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3.97 / 5.00

May 29, 2011
11:00 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight