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A Goomba's Life - Ep 2

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Author Comments

When Robbie Decided to ignore the news report, He pays for it dearly with his life being in grave danger the next day.

A lot of updates are present from episode 1.

1. The movie has been extended by height to fit in Subtitles.
2. The movie has new menu buttons.
3. New Audio has been included with the introduction of my friend Xblade.
4. New jokes have arrived.
5. The episode time is longer than episode one, a massive 7 minutes of airtime.

Vote fairly, I took all of the complaints and tried to improved them for episode 2.
I hope you all enjoy it. it took me a long time to make this.

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I just finished watching the first and now this episode. There are a lot of things that could be improved. The voice for tails is extremely annoying. Its ok to give a character that's supposed to be hated an annoying voice, but not when he's getting this much dialogue. The dialogue itself is really just average writing. The jokes were highly dependent on references to other shows, games, or movies, but they weren't all that funny. However, i literally laughed out loud at the "poof" and the (hopefully) intentionally poor quality of the sound effect. That joke wasn't referencing something else and was probably the funniest part of the whole thing. It was actually the only thing i thought was funny in the first two episodes.

A lot of the animation could use some work as well. I know it's hard to focus when animating a 7 minute long flash but it really makes the whole thing unappealing. Since it's sprites you don't have to lip sync perfectly but you are only using an open and closed for all the mouths. At the very least do a loop of different mouth movements so it at least has a comedic effect. You should zoom out a little bit for all of the movie and slightly more when there is any sort of action happening. Some movement was slow too. I'm going to watch the next one and look for improvements.

Getting better

Well, it's nice to see that the presentation looks a lot better with the fact that you've zoomed out a bit more, thus lending to the softening of the sprites' lines and contributing a better flow to the animation. Overall, the quality has improved markedly over the course of one movie, so you're on the right track there.

With the writing, can I ask why you used the words "Yippie Kai-Yai Yay, Motherfucker!", when if you were trying to parody Die Hard, it's just "Yippie Kai Yay, Motherfucker!" I don't hink you'd be sued for copyright infringements on one of the most famous catchphrases in all of Hollywood.

The only place I've ever heard a boot to the head gag was The Frantics, back in the day with the "Last Will & Temperament" sketch. Is this the sort of thing that you based it upon, or was it just some abstract craziness?

The addition of subtitles has helped you mightily here and I'd expect to see something more come of the whole production as you move on with further episodes. One last thing - on the menu, perhaps you should make the box around the "start" and "scene select" writing,a s well as the flower - otherwise people might get confused. Granted, this isn't as important as it would be for episode 1, but I'll bring it up now because I forgot in the review for the first about that.

[Review Request Club]

DemonicDragon93 responds:

I'm sorry i just noticed your review.

I wasn't worried about copyright infringments. I fucked up on that part.

Yea your right about the Frantics part. One of my favorite gags.

Thanks for your honest review

Still going strong

One of the better mario spin-offs, if I may say so.

Not many complaints on this one, it's definitely better than the last one in some parts.

Sprites and animations are still good, and voice actors are still pretty good. Their volume might be bit low, you could turn that up just a tad, and the quality isn't the best, could try encoding it differently or mess around in an equalizer.

There's a bit more background sounds here, which is good, that's one of the things I missed in the last one. The menu looks better as well, but I'd still like to hide it. Nice addition with the subtitles, but the same goes for that one, would like to be able to hide it.

Humor is still pretty funny and varied, I love it.

Review Request club

Nice one again

Well it was longer than the first I agree and you improved the voice acting a bit as well. Still funny how Tails was annoying and constantly making bad and annoying jokes to annoy the goomba. Still this was a nice episode and a possible reference to the song Weasel Stomping Day?

The sprites are the graphics so that was nice once more.

the storyline was humorous and kind of like a zombie flick in a way since the goomba went to bed before hearing the warning about stomping day. Then everything is out to get him. In the end he gets hit by a battletoad and makes a reference to Team Rocket in a humorous way.

Nice songs once again, fitting and makes the flash interesting as usual too.

Overall, still work on voice acting a bit, you'll get better. Nice job here.

Review Request Club

That shit was hilarious!

The jokes are way funnier than the last. Voice acting has good quality and more enthusiasm, and the references were a laugh-out-loud!
But I'd like to see more improvement in:
- Directing; More camera activity, such as close-ups or dynamic camera moves.
- Animating; Physics, smoothness, frame-by-frame.*NOTE*-***Important Shit.***
- Progaming; Buttons. They were okay, but you know what needs mending.
That's 'bout it. Can't wait for Episode 3!

Credits & Info

3.74 / 5.00

May 29, 2011
9:53 PM EDT