Division by "0"

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After 6 days of hard workand this is complete.
Probably the first complete work I have done EVER !

We all know that math is hard and unforgivable, right ? :3

[EDIT]: O my god ! Daily 6th !!! Thank you newgrounds. Damn it I cant believe I lost to "Brain Freeze !"

*Video lenght: 85 seconds
*Number of frames: 2040
*Frame Nr "1337": Lobster hand !!!


WAIT...wait... what?

liked it... even though it made no sense.
drawback, the music loop was too obvious, nice choice though :D
AAAND as a finaly, did he just 0 with alpha or infinity? please answer me if you read this.
thanks for hte neat animation :D

Garux responds:

Yep he divided alpha by 0 lol
Thanks! :3

I may be the only one...

I think I might be the only person who actually liked that weird background loop. I found it oddly catchy, and I was frankly disappointed when the audio-portal link was the credits tune and not that one (though Dan Paladin's take on the sailor's shanty was quite enjoyable too). Couldja let me know what that loop music was from or what it's called?

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Good Animation

It was a good animation, but I thought the music was kind of... annoying, no offense. Sounded like something from preschool. Of course, thats what you could of been TRYING to do. Also, I couldn't really see the plot. He wants to blow up the school, then he falls asleep, then he answers an equation by dividing by zero. I still laughed a little by the world ending. Overall, a pretty good animation.

Garux responds:

Yeah. The music fit the sketchy and weird style.
It's strange how the sound track didint annoy me during the making of the animation lol :D

Thanks for the review !

Decent enough

The audio loop drove me insane. Only reason I gave it such a low score. Otherwise...pretty trippy stuff.

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that damn song sucked me in

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3.43 / 5.00

May 29, 2011
10:50 AM EDT
Comedy - Original