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Mystery Rail Train

rated 2.88 / 5 stars
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May 29, 2011 | 2:27 AM EDT

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Author Comments

You were caught in a train accident on your way to work and something hit you on the head and knocked you out during the accident. When you woke up, you're trapped inside the wrecked carriage along. Your only means of escape now is figure out a way to get outside help. Good luck and have fun!

My inspiration came from a train ride I had when I was on vacation.

Please give some review for improvement for next version. Thanks : )



Rated 2 / 5 stars

2 Stars for this reason:
I loved the idea of a hidden object game WITHIN the actual escape game, but like people have already mentioned, there was NO way to see the hook on the rock, the heart in the handle rail, the moon in the left window or the leaf under the coal without the guide. The hidden objects either seemed too much like highlighted interactive items instead of merely hidden objects (spoon, coin, pen all seemed like they should be used within the Escape).
The maths puzzles were good ideas but there just wasn't enough actual method to go off in order to solve it. Area, Pin Number, and A+B all seemed to have far too much to work out when in comparison you had HUGELY VISIBLE items that were merely hidden items and not to be used.
Also, I was slightly confused as to why the battery was called duct tape and a shovel called a hoe lol.
All in all I wanted to give 3 stars as I enjoyed the game and liked the art work and some of the game elements were fantastic (the stick and key, the coal pieces hiding a couple of bits and the second pocket in the purse, even though it was slightly glitchy and you have to click it in the exact right place).
Basically, a great attempt at some cool puzzles but it was the hard to see bits and the outlandish maths problems that let this game down. However, I will definitely be checking in on the rest of your games to see what else you come up with.


Rated 1 / 5 stars

I seriously cannot stand this game and it's various flaws that attempt to be puzzles. First off how the hell was I supposed to gather that the HP thing was the PIN? Where, where, WHERE on earth would I EVER gather that that would be the number I needed? There was not even a VAUGE indication that I was supposed to use it! THAT'S USUALLY JUST A FOOTER THAT CAN BE IGNORED! I THOUGHT IT WAS JUST A SIGNATURE OR SOMETHING! Second, I didn't even realize I could click the inside of the purse for a second pocket. It was just a thin crack that didn't even have an inkling of a sign that it was an internal pocket. I know purses sometimes have those but usually they DON'T. If you're GONNA do that stuff, AT LEAST MAKE IT CLEARER. The hidden object game, by far, was the worst, and I did it even though it was optional. Sometimes things are so obvious and out in the open it's pointless, and defeats the purpose of a "HIDDEN" object game. And then there are ones, like the moon, rope, FREAKING LOVE!?, and hook that are just so freaking obscure I couldn't find them without the walkthrough. I SERIOUSLY DIDN'T EVEN SEE THE MOON AND COULD ONLY BARELY SEE IT WHEN THE WALKTHROUGH SHOWED ME EXACTLY WHERE IT IS! THAT IS NOT OKAY! And another confusing, extremely vague, and not at all indicated "puzzle" that makes no sense is the location code! I CAN TYPE LETTERS AS WELL AS NUMBERS, SO HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW I NEEDED TO TYPE THE NUMBERS CORRESPONDING TO THE LETTERS "P" AND "M" 's LOCATION IN THE ALPHABET!? I NEVER WOULD HAVE UNLESS YOU HAD GIVEN ME MORE OF A HINT! And the NOTE! The FUCKING NOTE! THAT TRAIN WAS NOT AT ALL INDICATED TO BE DIM AT ANY POINT AND JUST BECAUSE THE TRAIN STOPPED AND WAS HIT BY AN EXPLOSION DOESN'T HINT TO THAT! NOT EVEN SLIGHTLY! AND THE PHRASE "I wish I knew what this said" MORE IMPLIES THAT I DON'T UNDERSTAND THE CODE OR THE LANGUAGE THE NOTE IS WRITTEN IN, NOT THAT I CAN'T READ BECAUSE IT'S TOO DARK! When I saw that sentence I seriously only thought "What, I can't READ? DO I NOT KNOW ENGLISH!?" You SHOULD have said "I can't read this, it's too dark." OR "It's so dark, I can't read this note." Because THEN I would have figured out I could use the broken and flickering light to read it! You need to give more hints by phrasing your sentences correctly or AT THE VERY LEAST making the environment give hints! A dimly lit train isn't a hard concept to make, nor are little hints like A=1, B=2 instead of just A1, B2. I didn't piece that part together because the subway map just looked completely normal to me. If the hint was scribbled on or something I'd pay more attention to it, but if it's just a normal map looking normal, I'm only gonna offhand glance at the ends of it, instead of the important red dot part. Also the map is bugged, I can delete letters on it and type on it like it were a word program. I may just be being harsh right now but I wrote this review at 10 AM after an overnight shift, and I needed to put SOMETHING here. More hints, less cryptic puzzles, and PLEASE for the love of god make things easier to see if they're important! If I can only JUST BARELY see it when I know exactly where it is, then nobody would ever be able to find it on their own. That's all I can say.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

How does 1.5 volt battery power 3.7 volt phone?

Didn't like this escape too much. How could I have ever guessed that I needed to subtract 7 x 5 from 1221!? I couldn't have guessed, that's how. I couldn't have guessed.

kai3114 responds:

Hi Jimicrackcorn, thanks for your review. but it's not a guessing game. you will need to do some math to solve those mystery. it is a education problem solving game that will challenge your solving skill.

By the way, here's the math how to do it;
The note gives you 2 equations;
1) A+1=2B-2
2) A-1=B+1
Then the math:
A-1=B+1 => A=B+2
Put that in equation 1) and you get;
B+2+1=2B-2 => 3=B-2 => 5=B
And when B=5 it's easy to do the math to get A=7..

Then apply with the clue: DATE - AxB = 1221-7x5= pw. this is how you solve the Mystery.