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If you are not familiar with Pebble-games, it's all about hitting the Red pebbles and gain as much points as you can.

PEGGLE! Yes, I was inspired by Peggle. So why make this?
I'm a average programmer and always tries new things if I can. When I played Peggle I wondered how they had done it. I soon figured out that Peggles is an upside down Breakout game (just as Breakout is a modifide version of Pong), with a very good physics engine. Mine physics engine did not turn out as well, but at least it works.

Hope you like it.

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Well...it's a start

The game itself is a good idea and has a simplistic enough design so as to understand it right away. I enjoy the concept of the different characters each with their own abilities. And it seems like this game could have a lot of potential.

As far as things to work on...

1. I suggest a more upbeat musical theme for the game as well as a mute button. What you have playing throws off the player and kind of detaches them from the game - it's too relaxing.

2. The Special abilities you gain from the glowing spheres should be accessible when the player chooses, that way it's more friendly and allows for greater strategy. i.e. have them stack up in a "special ability" counter on the side of the screen so if the player wants to use them they just hit a hotkey/click on it and they can use it in the next shot or as the current shot is moving around.

3. You should be allowed to do more than one action at a time - if a player wants to use all their balls in one, 5 second period, they should be allowed to.

4. Allow the "Ball catcher" at the bottom of the screen to be controlled by players. And perhaps instead of making it so the player can get their ball back, make it so the balls bounce off of it. If it would make the game too easy, perhaps make it so the device is controlled by random letters that change every time they're hit.

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stian7 responds:

Thank you very much :D

1. It's a mute button in the menu, but maybe it's a bit hidden?

2. Interresting idea. I will look into it :)

3. People get extra points on how many balls they have left, but it's sound like a great idea. Thanks :)

4. This sounds like a great idea for a new power up, adding a new character.

Thanks for the review and ideas!

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3.02 / 5.00

May 28, 2011
10:00 AM EDT
Puzzles - Falling