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Mario Brawl Preview

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Author Comments

I got the idea from watching Yoshi brawl, this video is not in anyway a smbz rip-off, and I tried my best to keep dbz influence at minimum, so enjoy:

Credits so far:

Samus Aron: Cheddar-X, Ragey , Nintendo Flash
Mario: A.J. Nitro, Alvin Earthworm, M.F.G.G.
Bowser: Cheddar-X, Ragey, Nintendo Flash
Star Fox: Cheddar-X, Sploder
Effects: Mugen, M.F.G.G.
Sounds: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Song: Final Destination

P.S: It begins a little rocky

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its alright

the super saiyan hedgehog is VERY VERY VERY distracting. is the aura effect REALLY necessary?

mario and samus's standing animations are very fast too, might wanna add more frames to slow em down or lower the frame rate or somethin.

that and...this brawl thing has been done SOOOOO many TIMES its like the only thing people can think about when it comes to sprite fights now adays. so 0 for originality.

aduvivier1 responds:

it's a logo one, two the video is 24 frames per second, and three thanks for the criticism, I think

It was so good until it ended!

The little golden hedgehog at the bottom left was a bit hindering, but the animation was cool as hell. I liked the sound effects and music.

BUT, it ended so abruptly.

Whatever Samus is on, I want some.

Seriously, she was bouncing up and down like mad!!

On a more serious note, its a good preview but I would have some suggestions. Slow it down! There's no need to fit as much as you possibly can in as few of frames. Ex: When Bowser swipes at mario and misses, perhaps add a short pause before mario counters, giving the dodge more emphasis and consiquence. It just felt like I was watching the view Fast Forwarded, it was hard to even follow it some of the time.

Oh, and try and make your avatar at the bottom left less... in your face. Takes up atleast a 1/10th of the screen and is full of movement, waaaay to distracting. Make some changes and add some length and I foresee good things!



It's watchable BUT far to short. If you wanna make it a brawl make it a FFA Deathmatch - Pixelcharacters dieing isn't looking violent anyway. Actually it would be funny seeing how they dissolve while blinking/throw their arms into the air and fall through the ground/explode into orbs of flashy colours.

Why the hell make Mario the Mainchat though - I'd say he's the least badass pixelchar ever(thinking of Wario etc...) but maybe because of that reason it'd be funny. Male him pull a punchline after the battle when hes totally out of breath.

has much potential

I was So excited when it started, but then it just ended :(!!! but it is a preview, so let me say this. ! Do IT! Finish it, i believe this is going to be great good work!

Credits & Info

3.95 / 5.00

May 28, 2011
1:17 AM EDT