Joe Finds Money

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This is a cartoon based on my comic strip, "Guinea Something Good," found at http://www.JoeGP.com (updated every weekday). It's my first animation after taking an "Intro to 2d Animation" class. It took about three months to complete. This was a completely solo project (completely).


Great animation

The Good: Character animation was top notch.

The Bad: The big problem is in the writing, pacing, and presentation.

I am not familiar with your comic strip, but I feel like this was probably just a drawn out twin of one of them. The joke seemed to be trying to build up to some grand joke in the end, when what you really meant for us to find funny was the wordy speech the hamster gave and the big deal he was making. That might work for a comic strip, but you can only get so far with a contained situation like that. If you do, then the actual script has to be funny, as in the protagonist needs to make the jokes happen and not just overreact.

This goes hand in hand with pacing. You need to get a little smarter in terms of what get's said and how fast it needs to be said. Because your voices don't have a hook quality (i.e why Salad Fingers can talk so slowly yet remain so popular) you need to speed up the delivery and pick less wordy sentences (I'm referring to the script outside the purposefully wordy bit) Having white hamster say "Hey joe" twice, having brown hamster say "I've done it" twice and so slowly breaks any chance for momentum.

Lastly, this is not a single panel comic strip, and so we as an audience of animation expect more variation in the world you set your flash in. What you have here is a single, simple, background, which when compared to the effort you put into the character animation, seems half-assed. An animation needs to take you places. Close-ups and spinning clouds will only take you so far.

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WaldFlieger responds:

Thank you for the extremely well thought out review. I feel like you've hit the nail on the head, as far as my strengths and weaknesses. I am definitely a "comics" guy trying to move into the world of animation, and so I've noticed a lot of my instincts as far as pacing goes do not translate very well to the animated medium. I definitely put the most time into the character animation in this video out of everything. My next video I'm working on will have no dialogue, which I'm hoping will force me to better familiarize myself with pure cinematic timing. Thanks again!


Ending is everything and that was pretty funny xP

WaldFlieger responds:

Thanks! :)

needs to be funnier

great animation but you need to get yourself a writer.

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My only complaint is the acting was terrible.

WaldFlieger responds:

Haha noted

very well done

I loved the style and the flow of it but i think the humor was well bad i didn't even chukle when it came to the end but going by the look and quality of the animation it was very well done and i enjoyed it.

and Yes i think you might have implemented the PreLoader wrong cause it pops up but starts to play right away instead of well preloading the Flash lol. you might want to check out wut might be wrong and if you can't figure it out look up a tutorial i am sure there are plenty.

I am looking forward to your next animation hopefully it will be funnier :)

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WaldFlieger responds:

Well, sense of humor is a very subjective thing, for sure. I'm glad you liked everything else about it! I think I figured out the preloader issue. I submitted the update for approval.

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May 27, 2011
11:34 PM EDT
Comedy - Original