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Sean and Such Ep. 3

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Author Comments

Episode three of Sean and Such. Sean and Joe return to the store from their lunch break. But to Sean's and Joe's dismay, the lunch doesn't go quite as planned.

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Great work again guys. Looking forward to watching the rest of the series. That is, when I get some time away from my remedial job lol

An improvement in humour over the second, but all of the problems of the first still remain. The thing I like about the humour in this series so far is that it's realistic. The situations are all similar to situations we can relate to, so you can see the funny side of it. The rigidness and lack of animation is still a major downside to the flash though. It makes the development feel a lot slower.

The problem with a lack of a preloader, play button and replay button remains. I assume this is going to be a constant throughout the series, as will the pillars in the intro looking very out of place compared to the rest of the shot.

A lack of diagonals and no depth still remained as a problem. The shots were either front on or side on, with nothing anywhere in between to help add the much needed depth. Again there was very little animation either. Pretty much only mouth and arm movements. The lip syncing seemed to be a little better this time round. The timing was still off, but at least the right mouth shapes were being made.

Where was the other traffic on the road? There were a few times where you could hear it, but you made sure to not show the road at any of these points which just seemed lazy. The car didn't seem to be making any progress either. The background was always the same buildings and there was a constant slope effect on the road. The only thing on the roadside was a short loop of trees. I thought you could have put a few different things along here just to keep the view a little more interesting. The trees fading out as they left the screen looked bad as well. It more like they suddenly disappeared than that they were too far in the distance to be seen any longer.

The only issue was the halting sound effects.

I would have given this a 10/10, but between vocal tracks it would halt the aesthetic sound effects. (mostly the car noise I think)

This was funny at times, ingeniously so in a couple spots.

Keep up the great work!

Brother Rabbit =:xB

it was kind of funny...

... when he threw the food out the window. mostly because it's so boring that you just dont suspect something so actiony like that to happen. i dunno, i think i would be nicer if it weren't categorized as comedy. or maybe im completely missing the point of abstract comedy? eh... but atleast it was animated pretty well.

Wow, that was surprisingly funny.

That was an extremely simplistic concept for a flash, but it worked. I think I like it because it sounds like an actual conversation some guys might have. Good writing. The animation was good too, but due to it's length, it should've had a bit more than a straight away with buildings in the backround the entire flash.

Credits & Info

4.19 / 5.00

May 27, 2011
9:26 PM EDT