Feed the Mooks

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Mook Muchies 10 Points

Feed 50 Mooks

Simply delicious! 10 Points

Complete Level 1

Chew! Chomp! Gulp! 25 Points

Complete Level 10

Mook Lunch 25 Points

Feed 100 Mooks

Fed the Mooks! 50 Points

Complete All Levels

Monster Mook Feast 50 Points

Feed 250 Mooks

Monster Mook Master Mule 50 Points

Get a Total Score of 2500+

Author Comments

Latest Release from Headfizz and Ludobox.com!

Mooks are furry little creatures which love to be fed, dropped and thrown!

Drag and drop the coloured fruit to a mook of the same colour to feed and remove it from the pile.

You need to feed a certain amount of mooks on each level to progress.

Replay levels to try and get the highest score!


OK game

Strangely I did get Mook Munchies after beating the first level. I also got Simply Delicious after doing level 1 twice!

Original game though, gets a bit boring after a while.

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Good time waster

Not that original but still quite entertaining.

Medal "mook munchies" definitely doesn't work.
Medal "simply delicious" only works when you play level 1 on Level Select.

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Interesting game

When I see monsters like that, I had no idea they would ever eat vegetables. I guess it is nice to have a bit of a lighter tone to your game. Of course, with so many flashy colors, it wouldn't make sense for this game to be dark anyway. Level 6 is where I really can not advance. It's fun to play because the little shapes have such a funny appearance. Whenever you collect a fruit, regardless of what it is, all of the faces are eager to get it.

The music is nice as well. This game was not that elaborate, which is where you lost points. It does seem like it has been awhile since I played one of these falling games. The background is cool too, especially with how its bland colors contrast with the far more colorful parts out in front. They even make a cute sound when they eat and disappear.

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Fix Medals

Mook Munchies and Simply Delicious didn't work for me. I beat the entire game,....

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please fix

the medals don't work

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Credits & Info

3.37 / 5.00

May 27, 2011
3:06 PM EDT
Puzzles - Falling