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Sean and Such Ep. 2

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Author Comments

Episode two of Sean and Such. While Sean prepares for the health inspectors arrival, his employee Roman makes a disaster of the store. As Sean tries to yell at his worker, Roman unleashes an arsenal of bullshit in his desperate defense.


lol nice I watched sean and the poisounus fish and loved it, decided to start from the flash were it all started but um... lol as someone else mentioned where da f$#% is part 1 lol. thx nice series:)

where the hell! is episode 1?

I would definitely buy a champion betta fish so I could enter those underground tournaments. I hear you could make some serious cash! Then I could move to Staten Island from my home country of Belize lol Very funny guys, keep up the good work. I like the art style a lot and I'm looking forward to watching more!

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That was very weak for a number of reasons. The main one being that there was very little animation. It may as well have been an audio clip. In fact, with less expectations it probably would have been better for it. There were good elements of humour in there, but for the most part it felt very slow paced. It felt lacking in events and with the no real plot developmen the movie could have started or ended at pretty much any point without it being any worse.

The first thing I noticed was that there was no preloader. The movie auto-played, which I found a little annoying as I like to have control over these things. There was no replay button at the end either, which is a pretty standard thing to include.

The brick pillars in the intro looked out of place as they seemed to have a slight 3D effect to them whereas everyone was flat. In fact, the flatness was a huge issue throughout the entire flash. Every shot was square on. There were no diagonals whatsoever to add any depth to the image. A number of things were poorly framed such as a conversation between Sean and Roman where both were talking to each other off screen. They were both placed directly on the edge, talking to the side closest to them. This looked really bad, especially with the background around them being rather bland and motionless. You cut to a shot of the glasses during this scene, but the shot was very plain and so short that cutting to it almost seemed pointless.

The animation was incredibly rigid. It mainly consisted of small arm movements, where all you did was jump from something like an arm down by the character's side to being outstretched. There was no animation taking the arm from one position to the next. One frame it was at its starting point, the next it was already at its end point. This looked incredibly bad. The lip-sync was a huge issue as well. Not only were the mouths not correct for the letters they were pronouncing, but the timing was all wrong.

The backgrounds needed to have more going on as well. Where were the customers in the shop? Even the animals were stationary, or really poorly animated. The far background fish would hover in one spot with small graphical changes as their fins moved, while those closer to the foreground simply tweened through the tank with no fin motion whatsoever. Why did you not combine the two? The movement you had looked incredibly unrealistic.

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Funny once you get past the slow parts

I thought this was humorous but the intro page was slow and boring with no skip button. Move it to the end past the credits or shorten it way up. Worth waiting through though. Sean is annoying, so keep up the good work.

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Credits & Info

3.93 / 5.00

May 27, 2011
1:28 PM EDT
Comedy - Original