Salad Fingers Episode 9

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After a 3 year gap, Salad Fingers returns in his longest episode yet.


wow what

woderful but fix the api that pops up every scene :)

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made me think.....

how the hell did he go from doing all of that to eating a sandwich.!.

Entertaining as always

I might be looking at it too hard, but to me this episode may hint as to what is/ already has happened. Maybe he did have a daughter in reality, and neglected her due to how insane he is. Also, the fact that it started with him biting something that referred to him as "daddy" in the beginning, and then eating what he considered his child at the end, kind of leads me to believe he ate his daughter. Of course, i could be completely wrong and all the events in this episode were random and meaningless.

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Really good episode
Creeped me out a bit which is what I expect from an SF video

great work as usual

to be honest i am really disappointed reading all those comments about people bashing it and not really liking it. it is a shame and i kind of feel like it isn't salad fingers fault but people's fault. of course i could be completely wrong but every time they bring an old show back to tv or turn it into a movie or just try to vitalize something old that hadn't been updated for ages people will complain about it. it doesnt even matter how good it is. it's just new and not what people had on mind. they remember the old episodes and love them. it's a very nostalgic thing. so if something new comes along a lot of people will get defensive. i feel this is exactly what is going on here.

maybe its also because people are missing boards of canada and the other music you have used in the past. if you wouldnt have used BOC in your old animations i probably would have never found out about one of my favourite bands so thanks a lot for this. i understand your decision for not using copyright protected music since this thing is sponsored by newgrounds aka you get money for it and you can call this baby completely yours. you can put it on youtube or wherever you want to without the ban hammer hitting you. i think your music guy did a good job.

i also think the improved animations are good. i am wondering if you used the kinematics / bones tool of cs5 for the wheel chair scene. the text falling down was also very smooth and sexy. i mean HELL you have studied animation and finally graduated so of course it shows. you started salad fingers when you just started to study animation or even BEFORE so why should it still look the same, eh?

i think you should be proud of what you have accomplished even tough i personally prefer your comedy works. thank you mr brooker for paying mr firth to do animations for screenwipe. i really HOPE after a new salad fingers episode there will be a new burnt face man episode. that would just kick ass.
keep up the good work man

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