Salad Fingers Episode 9

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After a 3 year gap, Salad Fingers returns in his longest episode yet.


Stays true to the rest of the series.

Despite such a long gap inbetween episodes, this still captures the feel of the others and is a superb addition to the series. Well done!

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Salad Fingers!!!!

Is amazing! It's so odd, but funny and by now in the series I feel sorry for Mr. Fingers. In every animation you can feel the creepiness emanating from it. Please continue to make more awesome movies about Salad Fingers!

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well mr firth...

IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME!!!! I <3 SALAD FINGERS! I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOREVER FOR A NEW ONE!! PLZ CONTINUE TO MAKE MORE!!! salad fingers 4 life!! :D (btw im insane in case you haven't noticed :P rofljk)


i just love saled fingers. it so dark and twisted yet so interresting and funny but at the same time it just amazion. how do u do it man keep it up

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Wonderful, wonderful!

I have enjoyed watching this series episode by episode for several years. Being a huge admirer I would wait long periods of time for the next story's completion. That of this complex being whose life is so full of adventures. This time I had almost given up home and nearly accepted Mr. Fingers to meet his end inside the safety cupboard.
I would show it to people and some would as I be amazed and speculative of this place out in the free that is the stage of affairs. Nice topic for conversation indeed (as well as a huge inspiration for a creative mind like myself).
So this is definitely not a disappointment, to the contrary.
It's hard to find flaws in a story like this one. Oh, except there were this scene were there is a huge zoom but the sky keeps moving as it did before which looked a bit off. Noticed by coincidence. But all episodes are so free and full of clever surprises. I might have wanted more tying up in this episode like Mr. Branches somehow reuniting with Yvonne, as that is how I see it - that she is grown inside Mr. Fingers, something I see as making everything fit together in a big whole, but that most likely is not part of the recipe in lack of a better word. The usual style is very distorted in its way of evolving in that it leaves one with a ton of thoughts and loose ends. Messing with something as crucial as that would likely lead to disastrous results. The example with the child spawning from the tree is likely far from the real chains of events. SO great, these interpretations is for me what turns this into art.
This episode has evolved a lot in its look, which is very healthy and also suits the previous look splendidly.

I hope it is not a secret, but I just watched Tideland earlier this night and therefore could help but watch the whole series again (again again...) as it clearly has aided in the making of Salad Fingers - which by the way also was the reason why I discovered episode 9. It was wonderful to get this whole new angle to view things in. So many things grow more wondrous leaves of ideas about why?, how?, when?, ...? If that makes sense to anyone else.
The radio, the blood, the finger puppets, the affection, the way the sailor gets his fingers struct by the spoon because he has not eaten his Beaf Stragenof (sp?), the climb into the narrow oven, ...
Only thing that puzzles me is that there is no obvious similarities in the very first episode. Maybe the time around first episode was before any such influence ... I do not mind it at all, in fact as mentioned it suits this animation well. Everyone has inspirations from somewhere and I really can honestly say that you, David Firth, have boosted the great ideas Terry Gilliam had into something far greater and unique of course by adding your own spices and ingredients (ideas and visions).

Well overall the graphics are improved, sound great, the episode is longer, Mr. Fingers as much a darling (with his twists of selfishness etc.) as always, and the whole story leaving me applauding it :) YEAH !!!! This is a great day for me. Also the sun has only just risen a few hours ago heh.

Niels from Denmark congratulating on a wonderful job, saying thanks for the best of the best through the years, and heading of to watch for more stuff at the website!


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