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LL - Quests

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Lock Day is a time for super awesome fun time adventure quests, today shall be no different! Watch, enjoy, vote five and review.

Happy Lock Day.

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its an outter body experience

i don't remember doing this!?


And I'm in it!
So awesome +1!

haha. very impressive!!

hey you're pretty good. funny too


Really good!

I thought it was pretty good. A couple things stood out to me, however. In the beginning, the voice was really clear, which is good, but some of the sounds were too sharp, as if your mouth was too close to the microphone, or it didn't have a cover on it. But other than that it was pretty good! I was actually looking forward to the rest of the plot, and the conversation about FF5 actually made me laugh. Good work!

Haha not bad at all

I thoroughly enjoyed the plot line and look forward to your future work.