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Asuka YGOGX Sex Flash

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I created this flash after Blaziken flash. Had the inspiration from one episode when Asuka said this cheesy line 'baptise' lol.

I admit the flashes I do were indeed inspired from 'Zone's work, if he/she won't do the flashes of these parodies, then perhaps I should do em myself.

This took longer than usual due to my inexperience in using flash. Keying behaviour, symbols, crashing and such. I also took the audio from actual episodes to make em more authentic lol.

I made a certain mistake on a certain area of this flash but I learnt from it.

**Oh Shit, I have a feeling people might have missed something here. There's a hidden button in it.

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Good animation!! I love your flash movies, it just need a more movement and perhaps a longer sequence. Using the original voices is great, but you should use a little more moan from other source.

I hope you keep doing this shorts, especially of Sonic characters (loved the Vainilla X Vector) and perhaps you could get sponsored from people, especially people that frequents pages such as Palcomix or Rule34.

To be honest, I like it. The animation was nice just needs a little more tweeks to it and it'll be great I have no idea why this is so lowly rated. But anyway keep it up and your bound for something great!