you better get too school

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fun game still in production, made for college , main focus was learning scripting not visual effects,


Not that bad

A variation of frogger. Its by no means good but I think turd of the week is a little harsh.

A brilliant piece of political commentary.

When I loaded this flash game, I didn't expect much. Much less the mindblowing experience that followed. In "you better get too school," spikeb2 presents his view on the public schooling system, and his view is a bleak one.

From the manical drivers trying to kill innocent students to the constant failures handed out by the school by no fault of the player, spikeb2 reinforces his views on the school system, which I hope will inspire others to take action.

A truly mindblowing piece of political commentary, spikeb2's "you better get too school" should be seen by every user on Newgrounds.

A work of art

Congratulations, you have managed to make what is, in my humble opinion, the pinnacle of game development. The graphics are beautifully done and are obviously the works of a prodigious, seasoned artist. The plot is compelling- he MUST get too school, or else he is faced with the consequence of receiving an F. Gameplay itself proves to be very easy, but still entertaining, allowing the satisfying ending to be even more sweet.
Once again, a true masterpiece. Keep up the good work!

Needs improvement.

Could be decent but even when I get the other side I still get the grade F.....

... Can do better ...

Do not thing negatively about this review, but I am afraid what the other players say is quite plainly true... You see, games should mainly have at least a good look on the outside... On the menu that is. At first I couldn't even understand which button to click to play... Anyway if you could make the character, the screen size and finally the animations a little nicer, in my opinion, I think you might as well get an average of at least 6.9 or so

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May 25, 2011
7:30 AM EDT
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  • Turd of the Week May 31, 2011