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Sonic: PHX Episode 10

rated 1.83 / 5 stars
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May 24, 2011 | 9:45 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Well people, finally i got to reduce the filesize of episode 10. Sadly, Tom Fulp didn`t increase the size limit, guess he didn`t like FCs as well...
But moving on... Ehm. I made both Ep.10 and 11 until i found a way to upload Episode 10. So, i will continue working on the series with continiously uploading each and every one.
You will notice some flaws though and i ask of you to not judge me: I know there are MANY flaws and i`ll try to fix each and everyone as soon as possible. I also changed the Preloader View in order to change the size. Hope you`ll like it.
Also, watch and enjoy! Please also RATE, REVIEW, and SEE THE OTHER PREVIOUS EPISODES!!!!!!!
Ok, that`s all, thanks for understanding.



Rated 1 / 5 stars

Come on

Why do you rush so much, its short some sounds are late & everything is not crisp & smooth

Exorz responds:

Geez. I told you, DON`T JUDGE ME!!! I mentioned this episode has flaws due to the file size. It had exceeded the limit before i made some 'sacrifices'.
About the sounds, i`ll fix that. And it`s not short. 8:30 minutes per each episode... Thanks for reviewing though.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Ugh,,,, Awesome

First off all, the movie was great, a bit clustered and as so I think you should kill off charactes just a few from each side or have a full episode of introducing them properly and clearly, that'd be great.

Offtopic: I'm sorry but I have to do this. Guidodinho I honestly don't know you but please learn what your talking about. SMBZ is definately original and so the hell is this but everyone says "YOU COPIED SMBZ" But they didn't. SMBZ isn't that great, the episodes haven't come out forever but the story is good and so is the animating. Then again, Alvin Earthworm got inspiration from fuckign DBZ obviously, go check that anime out and face plant yourself rather than being a helpless mean person. Don't give this guy a 2 because of what, you can't animate and you think its a SMBZ ripoff. This dude from all we know probably got a bit of inspiration and ideas off from everyone and blended it together. Making it original. So please stop saying everyone copied SmBZ because SMBZ copied off DBZ even look at the friging name.

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Exorz responds:

Thanks for reviewing and the support. BUT, is SMBZ an original series or DBZ ripoff? Geez dude make up your mind. You mentioned both things its gotta be the first or the other thing. Further more, SMBZ is in NO WAY original except a few ideas like Fire Sonic, which are COMPLETELY wasted on a ripoff series.
Then, i`ll make a bios about characters to introduce them better.


Rated 4 / 5 stars


Best one yet!

Exorz responds:

Nah, worst one yet. I noticed MANY flaws.


Rated 1 / 5 stars

I gotta be honest here...

I can go on all day about how I hate those ''fan character'' but I'm just gonna stick for the technical stuff in this review.
To be honest, more than half of the movie was just shiny stuff, like the cool looking light effects. But I hardly saw any actual animation. Now please don't get seeing movement as animation. For example, if you see an animation of a charater doing a punch, you see the character getting ready for a punch, starting the punch, hitting the punch and getting ready to do something else. So that takes at least four sprites for a character to do an action. What I saw here was one sprite of a guy standing and one sprite of a pose punching or kicking or shooting something and than skewing the leaving jezus out of the sprites. That IS NOT animation.
And please try to make the action convincing. And good action isn't about characters having powers that are over ninthousand or making them fly through the air shooting beams out of there hands or punching so fast that it looks like you see a buttload of hands punching another dude. Convincing action is that you see the characters reacting to every movement, like seeing that a punch makes impact on the character getting hit and regaining footing. Not by covering it with those hit spark effects.

And we all now where you got your inspiration from (SMBZ obviously) and I'm not going to give a big speech about how this is a big SMBZ rip-off, because I really like SMBZ (and I'm not exactly mister original either) and there's nothing wrong with making a SMBZ-like animation. But if you do, study the way Alvin actually animates. SMBZ isn't all about big shiny effects and letting characters go way overpowered, I mean, it's there but it's not all of it. He makes the action and movements convincing, al the hits make impact and the characters react convincing to it. And most importantly, he makes the action creative. The characters block and dodge punches and they jump against walls or objects that are near to dodge and strike back. They don't just give out a shitload of punches or beams.

So in short, what i'm trying to say, is that you should focus less on pretty effects and try to make the animation and the characters' movements A LOT more convincing.

Also a big issue to me was the sound. I could hardly hear any music. Even at the battles scene, it was waaay to soft, especially comparing it to the sound effects. And the sound effects were done poorly too. Like when shadow was bussy strangling a dude, when he zapped away I didn't even hear any and right after whent the robot threw or punched away that black sonic dude I didn't hear a thing either, and right when shadow barges in after that, the sound effects where horribly out of sync. And all those scy-fi effects get really annoying when you're hearing them too much.

So please don't take this review as a personall attack at you. Just trying to help you improve.

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Exorz responds:

Thanks a lot. BUT, i find it quite insulting for you to call my series SMBZ ripoff. I worked long hours trying to make a new story, a new plot, an ORIGINAL plot. IF it was so i wouldn`t hold myself to use DBZ soundeffects, or super forms or making the plot at all. What DOES SMBZ have? No attacking, just honest: Mecha Sonic comes, kicks their asses and goes away. Nothing special is going on. Just because i used a robot almost like Mecha (Master Mecha Sonic) Sonic doesn`t mean this is Alvin styled crud.
Geez dude. And thanks for reviewing. I`m glad to read long reviews.


Rated 4 / 5 stars


quit making them so short either that or take out the talking

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Exorz responds:

Every episode will be the same length. Sorry bro but i like it that way and that`s how its gonna be. Season 2 though will be 15-20 minutes.