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Tower Battle

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Author Comments

Protect skyscraper tower with 20 weapons slot from hundreds of enemy waves. There are four game modes in this game: Campaign, Survival, Time Trial and Killing Mode, each mode has unique characteristic.

Move mouse to edge of screen to scrolling the battlefield, click start wave to start the waves. All weapons are automatically fires, protect your tower from both sides, left and right, upgrade power plant to supply power to your turrets, buy and upgrade turrets and place maximum of two weapons, including guns, missiles, rockets and rapid cannons.

See in-game instructions and tutorials for details information.



This is pretty boring.
I'm not sure what the tower was supposed to be but it did look like the pediment of a cathedral with a slabbed on raffinerytower. the weapons where shooting from red orbs atop of spires - why not make it arch electricity then or so. Machineguns? And green dressed soldiers? What's with all that pseudo-realism in games.
OK - the units looked kind of okay, the tower did too, but would it be possible to make it look like it does STAND SOMEWHERE. Because it's not, it's simply hovering in front of the scenery. I haven't played far enough to jusdge the ballancing of the game but such games usually tend to be a) insanely easy (aka sleeping) lateron or b)insanely unbeatable (rarely the case) and on rather rare (like really rare) occasions balanced. No judgement as said above.
The music wasn't that bad I'd say but got repititive fast.
The menu just looked plain stupid, i.e. just slabbed on. I guess I had that somewhere above ...yeah.
Slabbed together game.

Noteworthy idea: Make the screen scrollable with the damn arrowkeys for ยง$%&s sake (or the A/D keys don't really care, but mousescrolling is a REAL annoying thing).

I have to agree with the guy below me though. It's... not so challenging and/or narrative to keep one playing.

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It's a good start

As far as defense games go. This one is pretty decent.
I haven't played the campaign yet. I went straight to the survival mode.

It doesn't take a lot to get a hold of the game. It's basically upgrade upgrade upgrade...and the occasional buy a weapon.
AS for survival. After wave 50. I basically was invincible. Everything was upgraded to the max and nothing could get close to the tower anymore.

The music annoyed me. But I'm not docking any points for it. Some people might actually enjoy it.
The SFX got really deafening as you get on to more waves of enemies since your towers constantly fire again and again. I had to mute it to keep going.

Visually. It's decent as well. I like the touch of the soldiers burning after being hit by a flamethrower. The explosions were pretty good as well.
But the fact that the tower just seemed like an image that was copied and pasted onto the game was a little...it just didn't look like it was part of the game

Gameplay was easy. Didn't take too much to get a hold of, no strategy really other than upgrade as fast as you can.

Other than that. Pretty good. Keep it up

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lacking polish

as tower defense games go, this one is bad. It doesn't seem to have much in the way of strategy.

Equally importantly, it severely needs an authentic overhaul. Although the background of the level appears to go into the distance, supported by enemies walking on it at various depths, the tower sits stubbornly so far in the foreground that we can't see it's base. This makes it seem like an image pasted over the screen rather than part of the world. The lack of a visual component for weapons gives the upgrades a feeling of being meaningless too.


Maybe boring,but good idea. New weapons,spells can be good.

well, nothing new here

I don't dislike it, but it's a bit lame, and I would like to see that I can scroll with the keyboard to. ow wait just found out that I can upgrade the weapons, makes it a bit more interesting ^^.

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Credits & Info

3.21 / 5.00

May 24, 2011
1:15 AM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense
  • Daily Feature May 25, 2011