The Sniper.

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this is a little introduccion of my character Marcex, this short is a perfect example of the role I am

-Ive been a sniper all my life
waiting for that exact moment.. that exact time
when a war´s faith can decide a sudden pull of my trigger..
when man becomes god and ultimately forsaken your foes destiny....
So go ahead, call me grimm reaper.. why? because I´ve just decided. there are only two words remaining of yourself...
Boom Headshot.

and wrap-up line is
So go ahead.., go now.., Run... but you will only die tired.

what you guys think? any constructive criticism is well appreciated
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Why was the COG (or sniper) a stupid wolf? It's Gears of War not Wolves of War!!!!!!!!!!

Im sorry

I dont hate fur stuff at all, but for some reason i really dislike the idea of gears of war with a furry twist, other than that the animation was ok and the voice can use a little bit more of improvment.


I liked it because the art and animation was good, and also the fox sounded like Phillip Seymour Hoffman, which is awesome.

pretty good over all.

The art was really good. the animation was decent.
whenever he would blink, the pupil of the eye would disappear, wich ended up looking kinda funny. this can be solved by layer masking the pupil under the white of the eye. the voice acting could use some work. I mean it wasn't horrible, but it was really unclear what he was saying. you could either invest in a better mic, or just do subtitles. my biggest question relates to the subject matter. why a furry? I mean you could've just as easily animated a human... I guess It just kinda took away from the epicness... I dunno I just dont think a furry was the best choice in character design for this kind of thing. Decent overall tho. good job.

Good start

Alright, so I do like where you're going with this. The character art was actually really well done, though the animation could use work: For instance, the blinking was way too slow. It needs to be quick and concise, like a normal blink. Plus, our eyes usually don't fade to black as we shut our lids, haha. Most of this will come with time and work, though. Just learn to look at what would be most natural, and never make any movement take up an excess of frames - it'll just look sluggish and unnatural.
As for the monologue: I really liked the writing. The voice acting, not so much - especially the quality. I didn't know a thing he said until I read the Author Comments. Granted, skill comes with experience, but it might be smart to get someone with better equipment to do that bit for you in the mean time. Otherwise, we may never know what our hero has to say. =P
All in all, I liked the concept and art a lot more than the product. I want this to go places, but for now it'll stick down in the shadows.
Good luck!

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3.25 / 5.00

May 23, 2011
10:23 PM EDT