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Hidden deep within our past, lies a secret that has been long forgotten. There have been various organizations throughout history that have protected its secret, The Masons for example have done just that. What are we talking about? It's the ancient secret of the Flower of Life.

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okay, so this was the first of your videos i have viewed. i then took the time to watch all of your others, and i have come back to this one to comment. for as long as i can rightfully remember, ive been what most people have referred to as different. i saw, spoke, acted, thought, and just a bit unfortunately felt different. in the more recent years of my life, i managed to discover the ultimate excuse for this: im an artist. people questioned a lot less. with the newfound freedom that seemed to follow my having this excuse, i was abled to begin to see and understand things in life that i found crucial. i thought it was absolutely normal to see these things. after all, i didnt see how someone could function otherwise. i certainly had trouble doing it. after i came about these things, i became rather happy with them and began to accept myself for me. i was content, but i didnt stop thinking. i didnt stop discovering. eventually my mind began to stumble upon larger issues such as religion, politics, ect. when came this, i began to discuss things with other people. at this point, it happened that i was no longer just different and whatever came with it. i was recognized as smart. yes, this was nice, and gave me a bit of a boost in self confidence, but didnt help my being a bit outcast for these differences. i felt the need to reach out. somebody else had to see what i saw. it was too blatent and loud to be completely unnoticed. eventually, i found the people i was looking for. recently, i have developed friends like no others, and thoughts with them. with this i was abled to accept myself, not just as myself, but as a part of everything else. my thoughts and ideas furthered and continued, and while i cannot quite share them with friends as id like to, i still gain insight and inspiration from my companions. now, im happy. i have no reason not to be, and i can see why. but i am still looking for something. i think and ponder and philosiphize until i think ive reached what seems like the brink of my realization, and just as i have done this, i stumble upon your videos. i see more than just a familiarity with my thoughts in the information displayed. i watch with an open jaw as everything ive spent all of my thought discovering is told to me... with proof! im more than just happy, im ecstatic to know that not only am i different, weird, an artist, smart, content, happy, happy with myself, happy as a part of everything else,and at a point of understanding, but im right, too. i can now go on with my thoughts, beleifs, and way of ife with more confidence than ever. and even better, i now know where to start with the change ive been wanting to make with... nearly everything. now that ive rambled what could be called a small autobiography into your comments, i think i will wrap up with saying i would not at all mind being someone to talk to about what you are learning---even if it is just through video. thank you for submitting these little chunks of expansive awesome.


Seriously! People keep giving these lessons a score of 3 or 0 just because it's too unbelievable. well guess what? Science is unbelievable every time a new thing is discovered. THATS SCIENCE!!! I'd rather watch complex and amazing science rather than just bicth and moan and give zeros just because it's unbelievable. Oh, I get it, your just too dumb and pathetic to understand outstanding imformation like this one! It's not like people who give zeros and 3s think of these things that are so amazing! Jordan, don't listen to them! You try hard and I know, I'm very impressed with you. I don't think anyone can think as far and smart as you, Jordan D! By the way, I'm an Indigo child, 10 years old :D


That's mindblowing. It changes you're perspective dramatically. I read A Brief History of Time and learned about the speed of light, and how uncovering it is the general theory of relativity which ties into the effect of time on matter, and matter and time in return. Forces change, bodies move, and time is affected, effecting everything in return. The key to time is the speed of light, how we discovered inconstant time. The way light is at the center makes a lot of sense, because throughout this whole paradox light is the key, the basis of time and matter. It has no mass and influences time. I don't believe in spirit itself as being anything more than complex matter but this made me reconsider. I was wondering: What do you do for the voice? It's adorable xD.

RiverJordan responds:

That's really cool, i want to read that book. Isn't that stephen hawkings book? For the voice i just raise it like 17% in speed

In a word: wow

You sir are awesome. I watched. I learned. I thought. I enjoyed. Why can't they teach us this crud in school?


this is amazing.

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