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Hidden deep within our past, lies a secret that has been long forgotten. There have been various organizations throughout history that have protected its secret, The Masons for example have done just that. What are we talking about? It's the ancient secret of the Flower of Life.

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The Flower of Life books - http://www.megaupload.com /?d=VYD4KMN3

Spiral of Light - http://www.spiraloflight.


another awsome vidio...

but now I'm going to add qualifiers and stuff
first of all, explaining the flower's effect on the physical world was probably not the best idea, there are almost by definition, physical reasons for these events, for example, the shapes, each of them has the points as close to all the other ones as possible while still being the furthest distance away from any other point as possible, something that is common in atomic relations, and the triangle, the square, and the circle, which most of the shapes were made of, are often used in construction do to there physical advantages (a triangle is structurally sound because it can not shift, it can only break, a square, or any other parallelogram, can move in two directions, and not break, and a circle evenly distributes wight, not to mention the wheel)
moving on, I've also noticed a correlation between the past and things we've recently expressed, in my case, the elements of the ancient world, they each correspond to a state of matter, and/or energy, fire is energy/plasma, water is liquid, earth is solid, and air is gas, and it is possible to create every physical thing from solids, liquids, gases, and energy because that's all there is (besides nothing) you've probably noticed that I treated plasma and energy as essentially the same, that's because I can't see the difference in activity between plasma and air, it seems like plasma just moves quicker, but maybe I'm wrong, if so then that would help you because the (four) five elements alchemists used would still be applicable to the modern world
lastly, there is one last shape that technically sort of fits into the definition with those five, the spear, the shape with infinite sides, each with an area of 0, infinite angles, each measuring 180 degrees, and infinite lines between points, all of them 0, and when put inside a circle, each of it's infinite angles hits a side of the circle, (anyone with no idea what I'm talking about, brush up on your calculus) just thought I'd mention that

Totally Misleading

I really like your videos. You make a difference in Newgrounds. Until today, though. Either you're too misleading or I am too Atheist. How can you mix religion stuff and science stuff together? Eye of Chorus, God, Creation, Tree of Life, Kabhala - I mean - seriously? You forgot the Illuminati part and the 9/11 conspiracy. Religion is the result of the faith in astrology, dude. You know that!

I thought that you were way more educated than this. By the way, in your previous animation you were referring to Maya's DoomsDay right? I can't wait for that day. Why? To prove you that nothing will happen. Please try to be more logical in next videos and stop misleading your viewers. Fairy tales are ok when you don't take them seriously. If you do, you get insane.

P.S. Aliens? Seriously? Quit watching Hollywood movies, man.

I helped this get into the flash world

I gave it 5 while under judgement. These videos provoke lots of deep thought in me.

Interesting stuff.

This time around was rather interesting. I had no idea about any of the ideas behind sacred geometry before this, although you've engaged me enough to look up more info (and seeing if I can find my compass). The shapes and their relationship to six basic elements, and how everything is related between them, fits in perfectly with several theories I've come up with from observing the world around me anyway. Relating them to shapes never occurred to me.

I'm still not sold on the aliens bit, and I don't think that crop circles are really the best place to go for evidence for various reasons, but I'm willing to listen to more on that before I completely shut it out.

On the technical side, it seems as though your replay button is somewhat buggy. The audio and image doesn't sync up for some time, and at a couple different points it overlaps some of your audio files from different points. It was an interesting experience but it was confusing, made watching impossible, and definitely something you should look into.

Mindgasam Lol.

Ok first off I haven't really been on my computer in the last few weeks and when I saw this video i thought "Oh cool! A second video from this guy!" Boy was I set back! To start off, I found the chakra lesson very intriguing. I really want to try charging up my chakras sometime by lying in the sun. On a side note do animals have chakras? That might explain my cats constant sun baths. I've actually tried the pet channeling thing with my dog and cat. My dog is way to hyperactive and cant sit still and she's blind so I don't know if that would affect anything. I think I got a small reaction from my cat. The first time I tried with him he was outside sitting on this stone plate that he rarely ever sits on and I tried channeling his favorite food. At first I thought noting happened but later around dinner time for some reason he sat on the same stone plate again and just looked at me and when i fed him he looked happier than usual. I don't remember much about the male/female video so I'll have to go back and watch it again. The fifth video kinda startled me. I've never been a huge fanatic of believing in aliens but something in me just cant accept the notion that out of about 6 trillion planets in our universe (that number may be wrong >.<) ours is the only one that has intelligent life. I lol'd at the picture you stuck in of PAUL and the zelda music. On a side note Im curios if you've heard of a video on YouTube. Basically its a audio file supposedly sent to earth by an alien race who wants to make a galactic alliance of sorts with us. Its pretty long and its broken up into several videos but if you have time you might want to check it out. "Do you wish that We show up" is the title. ANYWAY back on the review. Im not sure what to make of this video. I'll probably have to come back and watch it again a few times and let it stir in my mind for awhile. It is a lot of information to process. I think your doing a great job and keep it up! I cant wait for the Chakra 2 lesson and Im really curious about the astral projection thing you mentioned in a few lessons back. Thanks for all the info!

Eric Conner

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