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Hidden deep within our past, lies a secret that has been long forgotten. There have been various organizations throughout history that have protected its secret, The Masons for example have done just that. What are we talking about? It's the ancient secret of the Flower of Life.

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Spiral of Light - http://www.spiraloflight.



it did make me think... and i guess that is the main point of this, but as has been said before, there are alot of assumptions, and don't get me wrong, im ok with that, as much of todays scientific knowledge is built on assumptions

but what i didn't really like, was the idea that everything comes from spirit. there does not need to be a consciouness behind a force for that force to exist. and the idea of creation out of nothing is somewhat irritating to me, as matter is neither created nor destroyed, simply recombined into different forms, and the creation of the univers could well be a random combination of elements through attraction, as they had to be somewhere orriginally,

and i do believe in aliens, just not that they are allready here or that they communicate through crop circles


First of all, mabye I should watch your other lesson.

Second, this is very enlightening, especially considering that I had never even heard of sacred geometry before. your were able to shink it into a managable concept, while still allowing it to expand upon our absorbing it.

Third, It is wonderful to see a cohesive discussion of science, religion, their relation, and, most notably, the implication that they are one and the same (this being one of my own beliefs). I haven't seen or heard many of those.

Fourth, aliens? Seriously? Personally, I don't choose to believe or disbelieve in the existence of alien life with technology advanced enough either to travel here from outside our range of detection of life, or to stay concealed in our astronomical backyard. But even with the semi-relevance of that crop circle tidbit, I don't think the alien reference was quite necessary.

All in all, even with your relatively small time limit on this presentation, you sparked ideas on all of our minds, even if those ideas were simply ones of denial (or conviction, depending on your point of view).


It makes sense that there would be something fundamental about everything that must have a common ground, and it is always interesting that people dismiss commonalities between younger religions and old, or even just younger cultures and the ancient ones. If we keep discovering the same things over and over, there must be a reason we do. The reason we do is for the individual to decide, but unless the individual cares to educate themselves about all sides of an issue, and partake of fact finding missions, their view may be too narrow. That might be where lessons like this come into play, to get people to realize that things are not simply this or that, but much more interrelated.


Well sir, that was indeed QUITE the mindgasm. One step closer to unravelling the mystery of the universe through the sacred teachings of mathematics! *high-5*


Gota say I was impressed I like it when people know what there talking about and not just blowing s#$@ out of there ass... I have never seen and Alien tho so I can say if there real or not but was educational nun the less

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