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Hidden deep within our past, lies a secret that has been long forgotten. There have been various organizations throughout history that have protected its secret, The Masons for example have done just that. What are we talking about? It's the ancient secret of the Flower of Life.

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The Flower of Life books - http://www.megaupload.com /?d=VYD4KMN3

Spiral of Light - http://www.spiraloflight.



man if i had some weed this would be so much cooler. it might even make sence :P


It's funny to think the man who made kingdom hearts chronicles, can be so insightful. I love both series btw.


You feeble minded dickfaces. Aliens do exist, by the law of averages and the amount of stars and galaxies in our known universe, nature almost demands that there are about 1200 other alien species. 1200! Out of all those species, about 14 are technologically more advanced in the sense of intergalactic travel. DON'T bullshit me and say "But it all just theories." SUCK THE LAW OF AVERAGES. There has been proof of alien encounters in this century alone.

Those crop circles? Guess what? There have been 500 highly educated geneticists that say that those crops have been genetically altered due to being near a high power source. Farmers could not have possibly have known about the Flower of Life and it would have not been possible to have such complex and large designs done in one night, not to mention a few months. Doing so would cause crop damage and lose of money.

As for angels? It COULD have been aliens. I mean, there is so much misinterpreted information and many large holes of information. All of pre-recorded history is completely interpreted by what we know so far.

Most of the people that are researching on Aliens are uneducated fans. This has made the alien research comity look like fanatics that just following a trend in the eyes of a lot of people. But have you ever considered that this might be because of government disinformation? All documents that are released to the public that have been declassified have all been heavily censored to the point where you have no idea what it was suppose to be. Most of the countries such as Great Britain, most African Nations, China, Australia, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico that have collected any data on Aliens have all been sent to Washington D.C. in good ol' USA. The main country that had begun the disinformation propaganda. Many fighter pilots have seen UFO's and many of them refuse to talk on record about their encounters. There have been many radar scans of UFO's along with corresponding eye-witnesses. The MILITARY have shown to ALL of these and dismissed these as ball lightning or interference. Many of these scans show that these interference patterns have stayed that they were larger than ball lightning and too consistent to be an interference pattern moving across their screens.

Lastly, who hasn't heard of Cow mutilations? These cows HAVE NOT BEEN KILLED BY PREDATORS!! If they were than why is there no blood when they are found? WHY have some of them look like some parts of their bodies have been seared of? Why have they been cut with surgical precision? AND WHY ARE THEY CUT IN BETWEEN CELL DIVISIONS! Obviously the answer are aliens. Sadly, I would post all the sites from HARVARD AND STANFORD doctors and practitions, but Newgrounds has threatened to delete my account if i do so. D:

BY the way, all atoms and molecular structures have all the aspects of the platonic solids. A sodium crystal is cube on a microscopic. The egg of life look much like the nucleus of an atom.

FINALLY, the flower of life and the platonic solids are not fire, water, air, earth, and energy. they are the basic shape of all the elements on earth. The people in histories past did not have fucking atomic theory at fucking all. They did not have electron microscopes nor the ability to fucking fly. They had what was around them. Water, fire, earth, air, and energy. Think before you...er...type because i have just fucking disproven all your criticisms. Suck it up!

JordanD. Educate these mother fuckers please!! THX!! :D

Great Work! Keep it up! SUpporting you to hell and back! I beleive you are the only open minded person besides me and a select fffeeeewww people on this post.

-"There Can Only Be ONE."


DX gah !!! my maind is broking DX

T-T ,,,,relly now ??

Good job!

thanks man! :)

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