FPS Test by Vanto

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This is my first "3D like" test all by me pls help if u can and thx for trying!


no bugs all stars

theres plenty of glitchs but i'll give ya a 3 rating


But it has many bugs... I like the bullet system, better than mine xD

Good Engine Test!

The engine is pretty nice. It would be nice, though, to also take a look at a nicer menu interface, but that's okay for now -- this is a test. As for the art, it's amazing for an engine. Mind-blowing. The only problems I found were (1) I couldn't use the scope, which I was really looking forward to, and (2) when I was reloading, I could still shoot that box. Add a little condition for when you click the box to make sure if reloading equals to false (by "if(!reloading)" or "if(reloading == false" or whatever; change reloading if your variable is different and add a variable called reloading if you don't have one). Would go good with music when it releases, but a nice touch adding the gun burst sounds in this engine.

+Nice Engine Art
+Gun Burst Sounds
+Hard Work Already
-Scope Doesn't Work
-Shoot Box While Reloading

If this is just a test, I can't wait for the full product. 8/10,4/5.

vanto responds:

Can i pm u and talk about it pls?


this is pretty beast mate! i honestly can't wait to see this in a game! btw i dont know if its a bug or not but not but no matter how many times i shoot that target it doesnt go to the next target, (don't know if its actually like that or not but whatever) keep working hard on it! plus i hope you change the sound effect for the gun...it sounds like an airsoft rifle lmao.

vanto responds:


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2.12 / 5.00

May 23, 2011
3:22 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person