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Z-chronicle:birth of hope

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Author Comments

Hey all, long time user first time submitter

Basically I wanted to see if people would like a game that used a variety of game styles equally but tried to make it relevant (like warioware with a story)

If you like it then i will remake it with much better graphics and cutscenes and stuff
(my drawing skills are pretty shameful atm, but im practising a lot)

Let me know in the comments if you think that the mixture of gamestyles is good or not
constructive criticism would be nice either way


ps. i got music from partnersinryhme.com

pps. it seems that my playtests missed a few kinks, if anything weird happens if you refresh the page then it will solve it

im really sorry i will try to fix it and upload it asap

saving bug fixed!
anymore please let me know

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Nice game.

not too bad

a good mix of missions and characters, i would like to have been able to click anywhere on the screen to advance onscreen conversations, instead of in the where the text is, but oh well... the sounds are a lil repeatative, but acceptable, i would have liked to seen more variety in zombies apperance, different clothes, ages, body types, hair color as well, if possible... also an attack animation, for the different viewpoints would be good,
i would have liked to see ryans university friends, way through the outbreak, but that will take another game to tell,
Ryan needs some better animation as well, maybe more than one attack,
thomas' missions didn't have enough on screen zombies, imo, i would suggest double the amount of zombies onscreen if possible...
sams missions were just a lil' hard, but good,
the book sections were ok, but i understand that you couldn't draw in cutscene's the book sections are a good way around that...

enjoyed the game but has its faults

the game is very mixed with styles thats fine gone for a different approach the second lvl was buggy with if u die which i did the gun didnt work but apart from that good effort keep the gd work comin

Concept of DIfferent Gameplay Styles

I can see what you are trying to do with the different gameplay styles, but it hasn't really worked for me. If you wanted to make the different styles of gameplay more alike you would make the attack button in the Ryan sections left mouse click. As this was the attack in the other two styles it would ease the transition.

The styles of gameplay seem to come and go too quickly. I think it would be an improvement to have all character's first missions unlocked at the start, then once a character's first mission is done, their second mission unlocks. This could make it so that if you do get players who prefer one style of play you could cater to them as well, and therefore not alienate anyone. You may need to rework the story a bit but its just a suggestion.

I can see this game improving however.

Good game, but with flaws

The mixture of game styles works well and I really like the storytelling. It's dark and engaging. Despite the shotcomings it was fun to play.

The artwork is terrible, but you acknowledged that. So I guess that will improve.

The game overall is too easy. The Ryan levels especially are just mashing the attack button, there needs to be some skill involved. Different kind of weapons (upgrades) for each three would be nice. And of course different enemies (stronger zombie types) could make it more intesting as well.

In the first and second Thomas level I got a "failed" screen twice, even though I was at full health. After clicking retry my gun wouldn't fire so I had to refresh the game.

Scrolling in the Ryan levels was bad, you shouldn´t have to walk against the edge of the screen to scroll. In the Thomas levels the scroll box was too small as well. Either keep the screen centered on the character or put the scroll box at around 33%.

In some levels I missed some dialogue because I was clicking the mouse to shoot, and the last zombie died while I was still clicking, which made me skip the dialogue. Maybe putting a small timer after the last enemy would fix that.

Overall, a good first effort!

Credits & Info

4.26 / 5.00

May 22, 2011
12:36 PM EDT