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Use your mouse to change direction and click left mouse button to fire.

This is the way to get 1 skull for the level. For 2 skulls you must limit your ammo usage to 10 shoots per weapon, and for 3 skulls you must also take the bonus +300. Your score will be multiplied by amount of skulls.

You get the new weapon if you aim the weapon bonus. Then you can select weapon by clicking it's icon on the weapon panel. Each weapon is specific:

Bazooka - the most common weapon. It shoots with rockets, which detonate on any obstacle collision. Use mouse to ajust direction and force and click to shoot.

Grenade laucher - this weapon works just like bazooka, but loaded with grenades. Grenades are timed ammo. They don't detonate after collision and explode only by timer (you can find it to the left of weapon icon). Ajust timer by clicking it. Use grenades to reach the places you can't reach with rockets.

Rocket strike - click at any place and 5 rockets will cover that place from the top of screen.Grenade strike - has the same effect as rocket strike, but grenades are being used instead of rockets. Don't forget to set the appropriate timer value, otherwise your grenades can cause a nice but not useful salute in the air.

Anihilator - can destroy some things standing on the way to enemies. But it does no damage to monsters (who knows, why?)

Cannon - it's ammo is very heavy balls. They don't damage, but can push anything far away from it's place.

When you use any of your weapons more than 10 times per level, you start to get penalty. Also you can have some penalty for friendly damage. If you have penalty - you can't gain more than 1 skull for level. And if you kill friendly creature - you lost and must try to complete the level again.

Tips: Headshots and 1-shoot death give you more scores. Killing more than 1 enemy per shoot also is good. Always try to get the weapon bonuses - they are neccesary on most levels in the game.You can destroy wooden boxes. Red boxes are explosive and produce a huge damage around them.If you've got bad scores on the level, you always can try to improve them.

The game stores only your best result for each level, so don't be afraid to make things worse than they are, you can produce only better result, if any.

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I loved every bit of it ! If people read the instructions in the author comments than they should have NO PROBLEM at all ! :D

TrueToken responds:


Very good

I believe that this will be a next-top Pick. This game will definitely make it far. Good work, and I hope to expect more from you soon.

TrueToken responds:

Thanks. Its first game. I'll be back ;)


the cannon balls blow up to soon

TrueToken responds:

You may change time to blow up

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4.47 / 5.00

May 21, 2011
6:47 PM EDT