Rapture: The Game

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Yo it's my last game ever, goodbye, see you on the other side.

Play as Jesus in this very special edition of Harold Camping's RAPTURE: the game. Fly straight to earth to deliver rapture to the people, or be destroyed again at the hands of earth's militaristic regime. The fate of the believers is in your hands!
Click to shoot when jesus is glowing to fire a Holy Cross BOLT
Made in less than one day, Programmed by VicBiss, art by Tyler
love, US <3


This. Is terrible

I give a 1 because it is acctualy a game. Kinda. Its so easy its not even funny. Only last 1 minute (timed it). Music is annoying. Jesus didnt even hit the ground, and i wanted that. The guys face was even poorly drawn on in the end. And WTF with the "options" button that didnt do anything. You just ruined my day. Go eat a bag of flaming hot deffication as your reward for this game.


honestly just awful. there was nothing fun about the game to be honest. and it was very very short, some more work should have been put into it.

Kill Jesus With Rocket :DDDD

Ohhh My GOD !!!

The Rapture.

First of all you can't click options. For a game that has an options screen you would expect for the game to actually have an option button to work. Next of all this is very hilarious as in ha ha your game is so terrible i can't really believe that this got on the home page. Next of all you forgot your facts wrong. Jesus is God and he can't simply be destroyed by stupid machine rockets and why the heck are there so many machine rocket things. One thing you also fail at. You can't rapture people which I hoped this game was going to do. Sorry. You need to work harder and spend more days working on that game. It need a lot of improvement!

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Short... Nothing...

This game sucked, it has been done a million and a half times before and the music is just annoying... And it doesnt fit on a screen, its tall of a screen.

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3.02 / 5.00

May 21, 2011
4:09 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid