Rapture: The Game

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Yo it's my last game ever, goodbye, see you on the other side.

Play as Jesus in this very special edition of Harold Camping's RAPTURE: the game. Fly straight to earth to deliver rapture to the people, or be destroyed again at the hands of earth's militaristic regime. The fate of the believers is in your hands!
Click to shoot when jesus is glowing to fire a Holy Cross BOLT
Made in less than one day, Programmed by VicBiss, art by Tyler
love, US <3



Really could have done without all the lame attempts to be funny and use of stupid memes. Funny idea but not very well done when all is said and done. Simple and short gameplay, no desire to replay. Overall, meh.

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just wrong

don't be sacreligious. i'm not trying to be mean but please have some respect for us christains please.

Flashlance has been gone awhile

And forgot the first rule of posting a review, you never say you want the flash removed. But as for other points, This game is terrible.

Graphics are good and smooth, It Pixel goodness. But beyond that is retardly simple avoider game. Yes, I get it, it's a joke game, but just because it's joke game doesn't mean its quality has to be low. Why not have actual entertainment value as well besides the joke. Honestly, Darnell and Wrath of God is way better, this perfect example of joke that had alot of work put into it. It's still has some difficulty, and it's actaully enjoyable or gratifying to play.

Sadly, this game score 2/10 for poor game with mediocre pixel graphics, Surprisingly smooth controls, but it fails at what makes a game a good game. Fun or Entertainment.

Nah, this sucks

the 2 stars are because it's 8 bit =D

What The hell is this

I get your idea but something tells me it took one day to make this and you made it just to attempt to anger people. i dont understand in any way how some one can rate this a 10 but its most likely to get props. The game itself is way to short and VERY easy. the attacking was a waste of time waiting to charge one attack. I can say you did a decent jesus but this game over all ruins it

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3.02 / 5.00

May 21, 2011
4:09 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid