Rapture: The Game

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Yo it's my last game ever, goodbye, see you on the other side.

Play as Jesus in this very special edition of Harold Camping's RAPTURE: the game. Fly straight to earth to deliver rapture to the people, or be destroyed again at the hands of earth's militaristic regime. The fate of the believers is in your hands!
Click to shoot when jesus is glowing to fire a Holy Cross BOLT
Made in less than one day, Programmed by VicBiss, art by Tyler
love, US <3


too short for my liking, really

the fact its about the recent displays of the world ending, is good, but theres not much to it. I'm sure you have talent for making games, but maybe you need to put a bit more time into it?

Raptor jesus will come to save our souls!

Good job for your humorous rapture game that joke the so called Harold camping ''prediction'' (Yet after this, he still believe that the end of the world will happen in the 23th october, and the 21 may was an ''invisible'' judgement day. Pfffff)


It might have been an okay game if not for the plot. It could be kinda insulting to some people and their religion, don't you think?


At first I say a 1 review that said you're going to hell. I figured okay.. Just because he has differing beliefs or lack thereof doesn't automatically mean this game bad.. Theres nothing to say one persons god is the right one ect... But then I played the game and it just kinda sucked. It lacked entertainment value. It's damn near impossible to lose, theres no volume control, and the inability to shoot more then once every few seconds makes it sorta boring. It was kinda fun trying to line up as many missals as possible in each shot but aside from that it wasn't too fun. Lastly the rapture comes before the apocalypse, they aren't the same there and the end of the world in general between the ascensions and "man will seek death but not find it" is supposedly supposed to be a generally death lacking process...


too short

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3.02 / 5.00

May 21, 2011
4:09 PM EDT
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