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No Time Like Apocalypse

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Ok so I now you can get hit 5 times before dyeing
Added A in game sound on and off option
Added injury animations to citizens and cops
Working on jump function

So yesterday May 20th I learned that today was supposedly the end of days. Some guy calculated today being the end of the world and such. Then I thought what someone would do knowing that they would never live long enough to face the repercussions of their actions since the world was ending, and I got this. This is A Game of Poor Taste, so don't take it seriously. Put it together in 11 hours or so in The Games Factory Newgrounds Edition.

Arrow Keys move
Press down to duck behind gun
Gun can act as a shield against other bullets
Space shoots

Tip: Survive till the timer ticks down to 0 for bonus points

It's sort of a work in progress as it seems that the game runs a bit differently on newgrounds than on my own computer

DeadEndWorld Studios

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nothing like kill to end it all.

1 hour and 30 min til six'o clock doomday time live it now if he unless 2012 is it.

got screwed

by a little invincible girl....
fun time waster though :P


good game and music, but next time add respawning


Nice art work and all that for making it so quickly but as someone else said you don't re spawn if you die. Also I wish there was more map room and options. Maybe upgrades and other things to keep it interesting.


This game was an abomination, I'm sad to say. The art was nice, really, and the mechanics were quite common and addicting. The story, the goal, and everything, though, was terrible. There are several glitches, such with the music from the highscore board continuing onto the game when you reset the game.

Secondly, if you die after the highscore screen, you don't respawn, instead you just watch the screen with police officers shooting all over for like 5 minutes or however long it was until the timer ticked down to 0.

And honestly, I didn't see why I would want to be at the top of this scoreboard. The game itself was terrible and not addicting at all. The music was also quite mediocre and annoying, and not supplying a "Sound Off" and "Music Off" button was terrible.

Also, I don't know a single Run 'n Gun that doesn't allow for jumping that is a simple 2D game like this one. It makes for police officers to shoot you quite easily from behind and you can't jump over them to get behind them so all officers will be in front of you and none behind you, therefore making it impossible for them to shoot you.

I'm sorry, this game is filled with glitches and normally people who aren't used to making games in such a sort amount of time are doomed to having a terrible game as a result. Just look at the title you submitted -- You spelled Apocalypse "Apocalypes" while in the game you spelled it right!

+Medium-Quality Art
+Nice Sounds for the people being killed
-Annoying Music
-Unrealistic People (shoot them, no injury; keep walking until shot enough times)
-No Jumping
-Easily Kill-able
-Terrible Controls (and not supplying a way to switch between arrow keys and WASD)
-Very Glitchy

With all those points (and lots more I didn't write down in that quick-list), I bestow upon this game a lousy score for a lousy game: 2/10,1/5.

MegapiemanPHD responds:

Thanks fo the information. I will attempt to fix the errors and improve the game. Im not an artest nor am I a programer so I didnt expect it to be perfect. There so jump because I couldnt get it to work correctly without messing alot of things up so I added the ducking instead. I'll lower the hits to kill as well as since right how its set to 10. The game runs a bit diffrent on newgrounds then on my computer but anyway thanks, although you didnt have to sound so rude.