zOMGies 2

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Collect 15 unique weapons to kill a range of zombies in different ways!
Jump into and drive variety of vehicles!
Survive 15 levels of zombie mayhem!

Big thanks to SirUndead for his awesome voice acting!

Edit: If you find the game too hard you'll be the first one to go in a zombie apocalypse, sorry!


I agree with muffin24.

If you put this on xbox arcade or playstation network with, like, 15 MORE weapons and an editable character, maybe a story, people WOULD buy this. Do it. Do it. DO IT. Great game.

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Awsome As usual~

My review

First of all, I'd like to tell the people who complain about difficulty to go play zOMGies 1 before playing this. It was good to train on. I finished the game. I never died except for one time at level 13 because my arrow keys were glitched

Here is a tip. there are guns you should use, and guns you shouldn't use.

Use the following gun combinations:

Level 1: Pistol / Banger
Level 2: Pistol / UZI
Level 3: Shotgun / UZI
Level 4: Shotgun / Machine Gun
Level 5: Shotgun / Machine Gun
Level 6: Shotgun / Machine Gun
Level 7: Shotgun / Machine Gun
Level 8: Rocket Launcher / Shotgun
Level 9: Rocket Launcher / Chaingun
Level 10: Rocket Launcher / Chaingun
Level 11: Rocket Launcher / Chaingun
Level 12: Rocket Launcher / Chaingun
Level 13: Rocket Launcher / Chaingun
Level 14: Flame Launcher / Chaingun

Using this, the game was never too hard for me.

Now for the review:

This sequel impressed me. The author made the game even more appealing by making the player get a new gun each level. I Usually think zombie shooter games are bullshit.
This one is different. All the mobs are original although the fat one reminds me of the one from Left4Dead.
One more thing about this game is the fact that i don't to instantly use the new gun i get each level. As a matter of fact i rarely do.
It makes the player think of what he needs and how he is going to get it. Also makes the player think of what gun he is going to use for the certain level as certain mobs appear in it.
Overall i liked this side scrolling Run'N'Gun game. It deserves nothing less than 10/10.

One last note, The best game wouldnt be the easiest game. The best game would be the hardest game.
You must know that you don't judge games by difficulty. if you can't win then try again.. don't give up. Do you think its fun to play a game where you just need to press the spacebar once to win it? Well i don't. So don't give the game a bad rating just because you couldn't finish it.
By the way, The levels 3, and 13 are extremely easy. I don't get why people complain about it.

I really liked the fact that you do the ending yourself by launching the nuke. It's one thing i didnt expect. I have to say that it would be unrealistic if the nuke just did a small explosion like in other games, but who am I to talk about realism in a zombie shooter game :D
I Hope to see tons of sequels because this game is now my #1 favourite on newgrounds.

- Unforgiven.

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:D !

Awesome game, nice concept, and killing zombies? always a win ! xD great game to play when you're not listening at school ;)

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this game is amazing!!! A guy that reminds me of Keanu Reeves running around killing hordes of zombies to a soundtrack that would be well suited to one of the battles scenes from Lord Of The Rings. you can't possibly get any more epic.


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4.21 / 5.00

May 21, 2011
9:22 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun