Avalon - Last Stand

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You are in a role of great magician who, from his tower, is trying to defend the last standing human city.

By killing monsters you gather mana to research new spells. When you level up, you chose a new spell to learn and later use it to more effectivly combat the monsters.

Game Controls :

Select Active Spell: 1, 2, 3, 4
Activate Spell: Double Click
Help/Pause: H or P

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nice game=)

Although I think there are a few things you could improve like actually trying to re-cenquer the cities that have been lost and on a final level you would need to battle the evil wisard on witch he would also have spells combined with the "zombies" on a world map or something, on a one-level-never-ending game it is already very nice=)

So i'll give it an 4 and an 8, keep up the good work=)

Fun and nice style of gameplay

I loved the style of gameplay, it was amazing. I also very much enjoyed the music you decided to use for the game. It is very well rounded and good in many categories, the only things I can think of maybe improving are the amount of spells you can get (like maybe as a suggestion a major lightning spell called thor's anger)

Or something like that. And also adding a difficulty select would be good.
Some people who aren't as good may like a lower difficulty but maybe on those difficulties you get score slower. And you have a free play mode where it doesn't save high scores, I think that would be cool.

I also liked the style of art used for the game and the gloomy actual feel of having a last stand against powerful creatures it gave.

Nice job, 5/5, 10/10

Fun, well rounded game

The game is fun to play and try out the best combinations, the spells are well balanced. Sounds and graphics are fine, and it even has a little backstory.

Unfortunately it is rather short. Only one level and once the waves get too strong for even the best spells, there's nothing left to do. Try too beat my high score. ;) I don't think you can actually finish the game.

It would be nice to have more challenges and variety, if you can do that without making it complicating. I'm interested to see if you can improve on it!

Nice gameplay!

Nice little game you've got here. You have good controls, no over-complicated game play, just a simple strategy game. Nice job with the graphics, although they aren't too smooth, they still have a good shape and texture to them. I very much enjoyed the skills or spell research as you call it, which was an interesting addition. Not your average strategy game with that, it seems like a very quick and fast paced game.

Credits & Info

2.98 / 5.00

May 21, 2011
3:57 AM EDT
Strategy - Artillery