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Cretaceous Reserve

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Author Comments

This is my first game and was made in ten days for a contest, so clearly it isn't going to be that great. It's been through a lot of fixes and improvements since it was first made, so I decided it was ready to be posted. Please read what all of the dinosaurs have to say, or you'll be completely lost. I am aware that sometimes you fall through platforms, this issue is purely caused by lag and can be fixed by turning the quality to low. Thanks for playing!

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Not too Shabby for a First Game


So, I'll get straight to it (long list) - you may want to get a coffee (:

1) In your comments:
"... sometimes you fall through platforms, this issue is purely caused by lag and can be fixed by turning the quality to low... "

Are you using vector or raster graphics? Also, what is your rendering method? I presume you are adding the entire level to the display list. If you're having performance issues, I recommend checking out 8bitrocket.com. These guys wrote the book (literally) on optimizing rendering. (:

I could see if this were a network game, some performance issues might be expected. However, for what you're describing, you shouldn't be passing the "solution" off tho players. That's ultimately the responsibility of the developer/programmer.

2) Consider allowing the player to move with the WASD keys. Since most people are right-handed, the arrow keys and mouse are both on the right side of their keyboards, and this makes control awkward.

3). I notice that this game allows you to play before it has finished loading. When I do this, no music plays, and when I click on the dinos, they won't talk to me.

4). The dino dialog is a bit hard to read. Consider adding more of a contrast between the text and dialog window colors.

5). When you talk to lore-osaur, he says this:
"Whenever a dinosaur has children, they eat most of it's young..."
There is a subject/verb disagreement. Either change dinosaur to "dinosaurs", OR change they to "its". Also, "it's" should be spelled "its".

6). When you talk to the dino that tells you about the ladders, that word is misspelled. It should be "ladder", not "latter".

7). The dino that says this:
"... when you level up, you get can increase..."
I'm guessing "get" was put in by accident. (:

8). On the attributes HUD, get rid of the generic font used for the TextField objects that show the attribute values. Use the same font used for the "Jump height", label.

9). The player dino climbs ladders way to fast.

10). This dialog:
".. the rumors of a revoltution..."
Revolution is misspelled. Also, in the same dialog, insert a space between "of" and "the", at "... one of the winged...".

"...beeting up some dinosaurs..."

11). I like the BGMs you used. They really fit. Just fix up the loops a bit. I also like how you can mute the music. (:

12). Add some sound effects, especially when battling. Also, when battling, I would implement a less punishing battle system when taking damage, instead of making enemy dinos simply drain your health when you collide with them. A more elaborate system would be nice, like maybe biting or ramming. Perhaps some dinos are vulnerable to ramming, some to jumping on, and some to biting. (:

13). Level design - Eliminate those giant "leaps of faith", where the player can't see where they are going, unless you _always_ put some kind of indicator (like the first arrow you did).

14). When the player dies, don't just instantly restart the game. Add some kind of effect and a short delay. It's disorienting and feels punishing.

15). The collision detection needs a bit of work. I could be _behind_ a dino, barely touching him, and his attack still hurts me. You'll need to do more that mere hit tests.

16) When in the carnival, fix the bouncing logic. It seems to instantly put the player in hte air, and he falls from there, instead of actually performing a "bounce".

17) When you die in the carnival, I think it should put you back at the carnival start point.

18) If I die when the music is muted, it's set back on on the next life. It should stay off.

I'm sure there's probably many more issues I could find, but I think you have your work cut out for you, Again, not too shabby, just rough around the edges.

Good skill.

* salutes *


- Ziro out.

Aarlon responds:

Thanks, many of the things you covered (such as all the combat stuff) will be included if I make a second game. I was was aware of both the trampoline and music problems, but I can't really help that. For sure I'll fix any and all typos you mentioned. As to those "leaps of faith" you mentioned, I'd love it if you pointed the ones I missed out. As the developer of the game, the game, it's a lot harder to spot them since I know where everything is. Anyway, I really appreciate the in depth review. The best I got on kongregate was "this game suks i hav no faith in humanity" .

Credits & Info

1.39 / 5.00

May 20, 2011
7:07 PM EDT