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UPDATE May 28/11 v1.4.4: Fixed white screen in loading, and Flashing Generals when blood is turned off.
UPDATE May 24/11 v1.3.2: Added a fast forward button, and fixed many small bugs! Everyone that was stuck in an area due to a bug should now be able to pass it! :)
(It may take a day or two for changes to get approved, check options to make sure it's v1.3.2)

Finally, the long awaited Siegius is here!
Battle your enemies while upgrading your army through multiple campaigns.

Then do it! At level 4 you get access to spells, don't forget to add in 2 spells too!

Everything in the game is pre-rendered, which is why there is no quality toggles (it simply won't do anything). Flash doesn't like when this game is zoomed in though, so make sure your screen isn't zoomed in and you should be able to fit thousands of guys on screen without any lag!

Controls are explained in game.
Also, visit MaxGames.com to play the bonus boar campaign!



Rehashed music, rehashed gameplay, and you can't even spell "centurion" correctly.

Please stop remaking the same games over and over.

Juice-Tin responds:

80% of the game's music is actually completely custom made.
It's heavily story based however, try it a little longer and you'll see how it differs from others ;)

10/10 5/5

Great game, can't comment on audio tho, had it on mute. I love this game, love at first sight LOL. 3 things to improve on: 1. make units move faster, 2. add bonus pick ups in battle, like they stay for 10 seconds annd units pick em up and get speed boost or damage boost, 3.lowr lag from sucess screen to map.

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Good, and it could be even better.

The game implements some nice concepts, which I missed from the genre til now: mining resources with units, more than one lane for the troops, in-game cutscenes, good narrative.

Yet it's possible to make these concepts better.
The only issue of mine worth speaking of is that the game is generally too slow: it takes forever to destroy the enemy castle (though it's not hard), units move slowly, and fight is also slow. IMO you should make these faster or use a less wider battlefield (or both).

Graphics are totaly cute. (The only thing i didn't like was the grass texture, it looks too regular).

As for the audio, when i first heard the bg-music (Glorious morning by Waterflame) used in age of war (a game in the same genre), i thought this will be just a ripoff, but it isn't at all, and fortunately that music only comes back occasionaly.

I give a 9 now, but I'm sure the second episode will worth a 10.

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really good game.. it needs some new things on it

1rst one is: Add a button to reatreat the leader.Its not fair if you do not do so.
2cond: Not fair you can only choose quantity or range or strengh.
3rth:Needs to be less repetitive. Always when i die i have to restart from the start.
and thats really frustating.Add a checkpoint.

If you are going to make a Sequel please add this.

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my only complaint

the lag, when you get a lot of units on the field it starts moving really slow, the behemoth level was a real example of this, there is no quality control... so this should be correctable easily.

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4.00 / 5.00

May 20, 2011
6:21 PM EDT
Strategy - Other