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yeah.. as stated, this is a test, please don't flame.. if there is a better place for this.. please refer me there :))

thanks for being nice =)


Excellent work on the mechanics!

As one who is in the process of learning actionscript, I have a great appreciation for this. If you used those mechanics with some creative audio and visuals you'd have yourself a winner. Don't get discouraged, don't give up.

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zzzspawn responds:

You sir.. Are very positive! :DD thank you so much.. ^__^
this is definitely something I will complete one day! :D

peace and love! :D

Twas Ok

First off it seems like a good idea. The reason for 2/5 is because you can right click then click forward.

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zzzspawn responds:

haha :P yeah.. I will probably bother to put a preventing script for that some day ;P
thanks for reminding me! ;DD

Pretty bad.

This game has some terrible issues.
At first, there's the engine. The hitTest is terrible. Sometimes I stop way before a wall, while at other times, i'm going through the wall. Besides that i would die while I was sure I didn't even hit the enemy, (aka purple box). To start off, you need to fix that. The engine is basically the whole playing experience, which has to be good. Just search some tutorials on the interwebs, or ask people for help at the forums.
The second point I want to mention is the very very long hallways. The hallways are just too long for the speed that the character has, especially when it's just a hallway without obstacles (which get better as the game pror\gresses).
And the last thing I want to say, is the graphics. Not the most important to me, especially when it's a test. But when you release a final version of this, fix that too.

Hope this helped,
You mentioned it is a test. What are you testing out?

-Positron of the Nuclear Teddies-

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zzzspawn responds:

yeah.. there is something about this I'm not sure of.. cuz I got some help with the whole part of how the player hit's the "level".. there is something that I haven't figured out (YET;P), that makes the players "hitbox" hit a little outside of the player.. and that really sucks.. and yeah.. I know what you mean.. if the engine sucks, it sucks balls to play it....
I'll get it checked out on some forum or smthn soon :)
yeah!!!! I agree... the hallways can be a bit long.. especially in the beginning when there is no real dangers.. working on that now! ;* Ty for letting me on! :D

yeah, working on the graphics, and will make a good friend of mine do them for me :))

It did help, quite a lot actually! :DD <33 peace and love for that! :D

well.. I've never uploaded anything to newgrounds before.. (or I think I tried maybe 4-5 yrs ago..) so I wanna see how things work.. with the fullscreen, and some other aspects of the uploading before I upload anything too serious, it suck when a game fails because of a bad upload technique or other technical aspects :))

thanks again! really helpful =))

edit: */ hehe.. I think I know why the hitbox seems even worse here.. cuz my game played on the mac.. is a "fullscreen mac game.. and I think it's a bit to big to be resized this much.. played it a couple of times on the site now, and I'm too a bit annoyed by hitting the pinkies without me seemingly hitting them :// need to convert it and make it ready for newgrounds sizing ;PPP /*

Funny instructions.

Rofl, "Green is indifferent" if you notice, then you're not blind" It's like the intro to spaceballs... lol
But there's basically no graphics. It's just a square moving into doors, which is pretty boring. I mean, there's many games such as this, but most of them actually feature a character, some even a story (such as company of myself).
And what's with the level that says "what? you made it this far? This isn't supposed to happen. And it's theoretically impossible to beat. Just for that you get a 5/10

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zzzspawn responds:

hmm come to think of it.. Yeah!! xDD hahaha :DD

yeah.. I have been meaning to get a good friend of mine who is an awesome designer, and who really knows his way around illustrator to help me out with the design aspect.. and I might go for the "developing" design, where everything gets more and more "fancy" throughout the game.. but I'll see where I take it =)

haha :P on that level.. try to think a bit "lefty" and see where it takes you ;P hahaha :D or smthn! thanks for the rating and review! :D

Review: N/A

You weren't specific in telling me what to evaluate. The game play was a little dull, without many options to do things.

Also, after the trick floor level, flash froze. That needs to be fixed.

Other than that, it was a little like Time Fcuk.

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zzzspawn responds:

yeah.. I didn't actually think anyone would see this entry x)) I kinda uploaded it to see how it would look online, and how the fullscreen thing works.. and also I mainly put it here to make it available to the kids I'm coaching x) cuz they liked it so much :PP

oh.. I'll check that out :S never happened to me so far :// I'll see if there might be a bug in there somewhere..
cuz I have had some problems in the past on this where things freak out when jumping to far down..

yeah.. I guess it has some of the same concepts with the simple graphics and messages.. but I'm trying to work on a cool way to move slightly more away from that :) but thanks for letting me know that I'm not the only one feeling that way about it ;P

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May 20, 2011
4:34 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop