Office plankton: Bossday

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Today celebrates the birthday of the boss in the office. The staff presented him with many gifts. The boss is happy, because today employees love it. He thinks so ...
However, no flying from fate. Happy boss will not last long. The trouble already is near him. And the boss will feel it on your own ass.
This is the seventh episode of the series. See also episode: "Office plankton. Portrait", "Office plankton. Striptease", "Office plankton. Crisis", "Office plankton. Fcuk", "Office plankton. Christmas" and episode "Office plankton. Cooler" on newgrounds.com.


funny as always :)

its funny...boss is acting like a kid when he gets the diveing present :)

Good Cartoon

Anyone who complains about the nudity hasnt been to a cake party.. thats how it goes. If you dont like it waaaaa...

I like this quite a bit

I agree that most of the humor wasnt very funny but i like how you established although a small bit a beginning and shows most of the characters. I agree that the random nudity was probly not needed but i dont think it took away from the rest of the bit. I think if you actually add voiceovers the humor will jump at least by 2x. Other then that everything else was put together fairly well

Whats with the boobs?

I know there's nout wrong with nudity but the cartoon doesn't know what it's target audience is. It's childish humour with adult nudity. Also, why use aweful quality midi sound? You know you can improve the sound quality in the publish settings box right? The animation was good but I didn't find it funny. Above average though.

Damn it, Newgrounds...

Make a collection for Office Plankton already.

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4.00 / 5.00

May 20, 2011
8:15 AM EDT
Comedy - Original