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Fast puzzler 5 Points

5 puzzles solved in 3 minutes

Fast stage breaker 5 Points

All puzzles on one stage done in 60 minutes.

Eighteen broken minds! 25 Points

You've solved 18 puzzles.

Faster stage breaker 25 Points

All puzzles on one stage done in 40 minutes.

Faster puzzler 50 Points

5 puzzles solved in 2 minutes

Fastest stage breaker 50 Points

All puzzles on one stage done in 20 minutes.

Twenty seven broken minds! 50 Points

You've solved 27 puzzles.

Fastest puzzler 100 Points

5 puzzles solved in 1 minute

Game done! 100 Points

You've solved all 36 puzzles.

Author Comments

Tangram puzzle. For IQ > 180 only.

http://sparkledesign.newg rounds.com/news/post/5930 95

You better have good spatial reasoning skills to break through this game.
Assemble given shapes in minimal time using four wooden figures and your mind only.

Our beta tester says:
- My mind was broken forever after this game. But it was totally worth that!

Mouse + keyboard (optional).
- click figure to SELECT it.
- drag your mouse anywhere outside selection to ROTATE it.
- hold 'Shift' or on-screen button to select multiple figures.
- tap 'Ctrl' or on-screen button to FLIP selection.

Don't you ever forget:
You can FLIP figures.

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This specific tangram was incredibly dumbed down (made easier) by using only 4 pieces, and it is still challenging. I can't imagine the horrors if the dev used all 7 Tangram pieces. It would certainly have been much harder.

The game is absurdly laggy for a puzzler. Made me fail speedrunning the levels more than once. Reducing quality barely helps (if it even helps anything in the first place).

The author provided a walkthrough, which was nice, but kind of made it too easy for everyone not up to the challenge. Luckily (or maybe not) the game cannot be paused so walkthrough-checking will still take a toll on player time.

Two tips to those longing for the "Fastest Puzzler" medal:
1- Play only levels 1 to 5.
2- Memorize the first 5 levels solution for this, you won't need any more than that. The walkthrough isn't really needed, but helps.
3- Don't bother reorganizing all pieces position or rotation. Just remember what goes where and do that as fast as you can. Images are accepted in any rotation and even if mirrored.

Game is too laggy to be enjoyable, even on lowest quality setting.

Requires some sort of beast-godly machine to play properly.

Seems to run at about half-speed. I think it must be poorly coded. Gotta code for efficiency.

My computer for some reason could not process this game. I tried putting it in lower resolution, but that did not work either. It just seemed too difficult to really care about. I refreshed the page and that did not do anything either. I'm thinking it's just an old game? I admit that the design is pretty good.

It is fairly unique, but then again, I'm not that good at puzzle games. The music was fairly decent. It was weird to really understand it. I didn't know a game this far back had medals! I think this is the oldest one (next to Domo-Kun's Angry Smashfest!) that I've come across.

I might be a bit late in posting this review, but I love these types of games. However, when playing the stages, the game is so laggy it's not possible for any timed play. It took me one and a half minutes to rotate 3 pieces.

Credits & Info

3.15 / 5.00

May 20, 2011
5:24 AM EDT