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Super Metal Land

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Author Comments

As developers we are constantly trying to reinvent the platform genre, this is a test to gain some publicity and also to gain feedback. We have ideas and this is just the beginning. Just to let you know that this is still in production!!!

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Needs a lot of work

It needs a lot of help. Foremost, what's the plot? He gets a review and then goes to what I think might have been a radio or a cd player? Then a random band mate says 'metal is so dead'. And abruptly in a wold with no other notion of what's going on. I chose the 1st or 2 characters. I ran as far as I could in one direction, thinking I could end up going back. I couldn't. There's just no story and no purpose. Also, if you're trying to go in the opposite direction, the character should turn and not moon walk.

Hopefully in the next couple updates this game will get better. Right now it needs a ton of work. Good try, but still a long ways to go.

Nukelearsunrise responds:

I agree :)

What's the point of this?

Or rather, what is your goal for this game? Whatever it is, it is certainly not seen in the test. There is relatively little to go on.

1. Only one character that you can actually use.

2. A shaky story that ends in randomness. There really should have been something in the intro to solidify a concept of some kind.

3. Movement is somewhat smooth if just a little off-beat with the animation.

4. I think someone mentioned that the head pops off when you jump. That, and jumping is kinda unnecessary as you can simply move from one end of the map to the other automatically appearing on platforms.

5. Only one short level to test.

6. No instructions; which isn't always a bad thing, but would have been nice.

7. Of the three abilities mentioned I could do two of them. I don't know what they were, but I used the LMB for one and the S key for the other.

8. There's nothing to do. Nothing to gather. Nothing to shoot at. No way to die. No visible end.

I hope that in the future there is a bit more explanation as to what is going on. I, for one, need something to carry with me as a traverse unfamiliar terrain. I need a goal to keep in the back of my head so I have a reason to play.

There should be in game music, but if I were you I'd scrap the 16-bit B version metal. Save that for a parody of Battletoads.

Fix the guys head so it's actually attached to his body. Also, I saw four characters in the band so I think they should all be playable. This gives the impression that they are all in... whatever they are in together. Unless of course the two characters you can play are looking for the other two. That would be acceptable.

For god's sake, give me something to do the next time I see this game. I'm sure you have that planned out, but there should have been something in the beta. My appetite has not been whetted.

On a positive note. I liked the animation for the intro. The plot wasn't the good but the animation was likeable. Kudos.

Not much to look at so far, but keep at it.

It seems the title would actually look cooler if you had "Super" and "Land" match the "Metal" part of the logo. Also, flying about wildly is actually not as cool looking as just sliding in slowly form the sides. With the lightning in the background, that'd be pretty cool.

The intro could use some better timing/pacing in order to be more coherent. Relying less on tweening might help a bit, and it would be nice if the game continued on it's own once the animation ended instead of waiting for the continue button to be pressed.

The biggest problem with he actual game part is that it's not obvious you should be using the mouse to control the character as well as the keyboard, so some instructions would be helpful there. There's really not much to comment on yet, but working on the ground tiles a bit and using parallax scrolling would be nice. Other than that, there's just some obvious bugs and a complete lack of things to do.

Should really build on this.

The preload animation is really killer, although a bit buggy. And the platforming is good. The basic concept is really interesting; it definitely grabs my attention. I would love to see you expand on this.

Needs work

His head pops off when jumping, he moon walks most of the time, theres nothing for him to collect yet, theres no enemies and the only plot is that they got a review and then.. .I guess they got sucked into the world of metal for insulting it? I dont know. But Im sure it took time and a bit of coding and thats why i'm reviewing this at all.

Needs work, alot of work. Don't try to reinvent it until you've done it.

Credits & Info

1.58 / 5.00

May 19, 2011
1:00 PM EDT