Pkmn: World Of Chaos Ep 2

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*Update* I added a scene select, fixed some typos, and cleaned up the animation a bit.

Episode two is now here! This episode is kinda long but a lot more important characters make an appearance. I also finally solved the preloader problem I've been having, so you should see it right away. Please give me some useful feedback. If you liked it, what parts did you like? And if you hate it, what did you hate about it?

I have to say the hardest part of this series is finding sound effects. I would record them straight from the game, but the geniuses at Nintendo decided not to allow you to turn off the background music. So for now, I'm making do with generic sound effects.


EPIC SERIES! Make ep 9 PLEASE!!!!!! D:

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shadow pokemon.....now theres a term i havent heard in years. it also brings up a lot of good memories. anyway great so far

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this looks seems to be a good serie

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If you play pokemon coliseum and pokemond XD: Gale of darkness you will know all about the snag machine and shadow pokemon and team snagem. This brings back memories haha.

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This and all of those episodes to the 8 because i didnt see more of it are awesom
But im curious ...What is that live bar what have gardevoid is some her live span or how long that snag machine have efect or she die after that bar goes out or she lost her feeling and way to her heard or something will close up ...
Maybe is obvios and possibly i missed something but i cant think up what that live bar is...
nah i dont know XD
And again awesom work all of you this is way WAAAAYYY better then any original pokem sries and games what i ever saw and...i didnt saw many XD.
I giving you 5 stars for this I love it.
---WARNING---My grammar can be fearsome then don't judge me if you get feeling shoot you head off XD---
Why XD because im in awesom mood XD

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May 19, 2011
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