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This game is a realistic shooting range with several intense challenges. Using your Scar-H assault rifle try to complete Sniper Vs Sniper, Beat the clock, Shoot the melons and many more challenges. The game has a cool slow motion element that gives the game some bloody action! There are even some extra achievements you can try to acquire and some performance stars to unlock.

Controls :
SHOOT / Left Mouse Button
(W) / Zoom In
(S) / Zoom Out


really good

I do injoy a nice sniper game, I didn't really get the watermeons level, I mean, why was I shoting them? but it was still a real great game.

It's fine

The game is fun, but not that good. I disagree with the people that say that some levels are too hard. I always hit the guy, the shots didn't go to the side of him. The 3 stars in each level are very easy to get, the achievements I don't know, I got bored to try it, Also, the slow motion was so annoying, in every shot that I gave with the sniper aim, the bullet took so long to reach the target, it was painful to wait for the beautiful headshot.


It was indeed pretty swell but I recommend you add difficulty options. Also I for one do not consider the music to be "kickin", it is everything but "kickin". And one more thing you should really ease down on the criticism. Failing a level is not anything new and it is something that makes us human but the "Failed" at the end of a failed level is quite unnecessary. It makes people like me feel bad and therefore it should be removed.

Very Nice, Not So Addicting

Game's fun, really. I found myself addicted for the first few minutes, but the "First Response" mission on the Backyard was something that sort of made me mad. It was close to impossible to get even 2 stars. Both times, I made it with only 1 star on that. The ones before were easy, of course, but that third one sort of angered me. I'll come back to this game later, but these 3 levels have showed me just what this game is about. I love the UI, but it would do better with a Back button on every level screen with the details, in case you clicked one by accident. A pause button for while on a level would also be useful. Again, the UI is still pretty nice, and the fact that there's a message after finishing a level or quitting is also quite nifty.

Now for the sniper -- I really like this part. It had shaking while you trying to aim, which made it realistic, but not too much shaking as to angering a person into wanting to just shoot everywhere -- at least, not all the time. But I was sometimes in this case, because normally when I shot, the bullet would go to the side of the enemy's head even when the center dot on the crosshair was right on the center of the enemy's head.

So, after awhile, this game gets pretty boring and after all it is just another first-person shooter, with nice music (that I didn't really pay attention too). I also really liked the Sift Heads series' art style in this game. Finally, I want to point out the slow-mo shots. It was nice, really, but could you make it so I person could skip it. Sometimes I really didn't want to watch it (despite how short it was). It was also just like a real game, in the sense that you even had the stars for unlocking things. I didn't get any achievements yet, so I assume they're hard to get. Try to make one or two that are easy to get.

Lastly, I'd like to say the controls are not so typical. Could you add like a control-setting system? Or at least by default make it (R) / Reload?

+Kickin' Music
+Nice Art
+Slow-Mo Shots
+Realistic Sniper Shaking
+Star-rated Levels
+Fun levels, including watermelon shootouts!
-Shots Sometimes Off
-Hard-to-Get Achievements
-Not-So Typical Controls
-Generically Named Challenges

But in the end, this game is just like any other sniper game in terms of the actual gameplay, with some small nice touches such as challenges you wouldn't see in other games (with quite generic names; would be better with things like Watermelon Shootout), slow-mo shot cutscenes, and a realistically-shaking sniper. Your final score:

10/10,5/5 (Because the bad things were minor, and your actual score would actually be like 9.5, but I rounded it)

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I sorry to say, that out of the sniper games I've played, this is one of the worst.
I'm not really a fan of the jerky movement; it makes it hard to aim well.
This is kinda big problem, as YOUR A SNIPER. If you can't aim, you're dead.
Also, it would be nice if there was an a button you could press to crouch behind something, as it seems like you're pretty much standing right out in the open.
However, there was a silver lining: The effects and graphics were great, especially the slow bullets.

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3.65 / 5.00

May 18, 2011
9:20 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person