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This game is a realistic shooting range with several intense challenges. Using your Scar-H assault rifle try to complete Sniper Vs Sniper, Beat the clock, Shoot the melons and many more challenges. The game has a cool slow motion element that gives the game some bloody action! There are even some extra achievements you can try to acquire and some performance stars to unlock.

Controls :
SHOOT / Left Mouse Button
(W) / Zoom In
(S) / Zoom Out


Missing many basic details

There are so many basic issues that hamper this game:
The opening movie shows an entire round of ammunition being shot, instead of just the bullet.
Hit detection is random and frustrating. This in a sniper game is unacceptable.
Counter snipers were scoring hits despite being completely hidden.
Menus are slow, misspelled and do not provide enough information.

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it was quite fun but it lacked variety, also the hit detection was horrible and aiming at the edges of the map was annoying

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It's hard

This can be a frustrating game especially on the level with the watermelons. The best part is being able to zoom in on whatever you are shooting to be precise. Even then, there are times where I swear I am hitting the watermelon and nothing happens. The best part is probably the sound which is quite authentic. I guess I am not the best sharpshooter out there, but I would recommend this to more competant players. It's interesting how there's a wide variety of places and objects to shoot.

I especially like how cool the menu screen is. All of the actions are represented by these neat little icons that look so CGI. The text and blood red background is very nicely done as well. What better way to relieve stress than by shooting stuff? Of course, if it's hard it will probably only end up giving you more stress, you know.


Im not a fan of those types of games because there are a lots of FPS games (COD,BF,PB,MOH,CA,CS,CF,and many others)
But,by the fun factor,i dont really think this game is "fun".
I mean,whats so exciting in move your mouse and find a figure and just click on it?
Looks like those "Eye skills games" and not a Action - Shooter - First Person,because theres no action,in my opinion.
7/10 for the fun factor..

It was good but...

good grief... those birds... THE BIRDS ARE CONSPIRING AGAINST US MAN!

Oh yea, and I absolutely LOVED* finding the elite sniper too!


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3.65 / 5.00

May 18, 2011
9:20 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person