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Spear and Katana 2

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Author Comments

In this sequel of "Spear and Katana", there is much more to do than killing your enemies with the sword. Prepare also to move in the shadows unseen, and shoot the enemies with your bow.

Through the variety of deadly quests, you have to choose combined paths of samurai, ninja, bandit and warrior-monk, gradually improving your equipment to masterpieces and your skills to perfection. Then you are ready to meet your fate in the final fight.

Master the arts of swordplay, stealth and archery through the constant risk of death, to become legendary warrior!

Pay attention to the tutorial!

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Wonder why the woman's boobs get bigger when you upgrade strength.

When the day happens...

When you have no more dreams...

The rusting of the blade...

Will be of my blood now...
Death Haiku:
The sun will set now...

Blossoms fall under the moon...

I won't wake to see...

Not bad. Brings back memories. Better than the 1st game but still has a lot of problems.
+Different stats and equipment choices make for unique builds.
+Simplistic yet complex-ish combat works well.
+Choices along the road and small details makes the game more fun.
+Missions are varied, fun and challenging.
+AI is smart at first, attempting to circle and flank you.

- Easy meta game: 3 spear, 1 bow, 2 armour / 3 str, 4 spd and 2 con will win the game always.
- Spear is better than sword - mainly because of reach.
- AI is pretty bad and unvaried:
> Can easily circle back and forth so the enemy will get extremely confused (doesn't work on tough enemies)
> Most enemies (peasants, soldiers, etc.) will stand there and accept strikes while most toguh enemies have the same strategy - rush you very quickly.
> Final battle is a little dissapointing, once you figure out the right strategy.
- Game doesn't save, crashed 2 times when playing.
- - - - - - - - - REMOVED BATTLE FIELD
> If you played S&K 1 you'll know what I mean and it's a ridiculous choice.

There could be more content, maybe the place and the people around you will change depending on where you are. Plenty of ideas for more replaybility, etc. Plenty of opportunity for a better game.

If you would have played through a few minutes you would have seen it's 1-2-3 once other weapons are available.

I just wanted to see how I can switch between weapons. Maybe it's under controls? Nope. Maybe it's in the main menu? No luck. There should be warnings for things like LOSING ALL YOUR PROGRESS WHEN YOU EXIT TO THE MAIN MENU.

Credits & Info

3.86 / 5.00

May 18, 2011
8:38 AM EDT