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Author Comments

Narrow is an art game about a man named Albert, who gets addicted to finding gold in a cave. It started off as a means to pay for his daughters medicines, but after that he kept going back. The soot from the cave, however, is affecting his eyesight and every time he enters the cave again it is more difficult not to trod on any spikes... He is both physically and mentally narrowed by his craving for gold.

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I loved playing this before, but now he just floats away. Can this be fixed?

Why didn't he just go through the mine's exit? The game teaches a great lesson though.

Why did he die at the end?

He jumped into the pile of gold like he had many times before...

I don't get it

Why doesn't Albert buy some protective goggles to cover his eyes from the soot? He can afford a house, so he could have had thousands of goggles. Even then, I would expect our blink reflexes to be good enough to keep everyday dust off our eyes.

If one handful of gold is enough to buy a house, why doesn't everybody else go into the mine to get a share of that enormous pile of gold? It's so easy, a caveman (no pun intended) can do it.

Okay, only an idiot would go into a cave filled with spikes to fetch some gold. Even then, Albert went to the cave with good intentions at first. He wanted to cure his daughter. Now, if the first time going into the cave is easy, obviously we would think it's easy. That's why Albert went in again, because getting a handful gold that's worth a house is that easy. Seriously now.

I can't get myself to think that his Greed killed him. It was his own idiocy that made him go risk his life going in a spike-ridden cave,but I wouldn't go spelunking for gold personally anyways.

I don't see anything wrong with getting what we value. Albert probably made a pharmacist happy because he got more money for providing a little kid some medicine. Albert probably made a real estate agent happy for giving him money in exchange for a nice house. Greed can be bad, but a little self-interest can never hurt people. Afterall, a business can only be profitable if it makes their customers better off.

There are better, more realistic, and darker stories to show why greed can be bad. Sorry if I sounded harsh, but the moral of the story doesn't mean anything to me. I'm a person with higher expectations.

Artistic and neat

I enjoyed playing. While some may not like it, the repetitive nature was key to the story. I found it to be very engaging. I could see if it was a bit longer, maybe the vision going more progressively. Still in the end it is a great game. Good work.

Credits & Info

3.72 / 5.00

May 18, 2011
3:14 AM EDT