Captain Ig'nant

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THIS IS A SATIRE. Captain Ig'nant represents the unfortunate hold of negative stereotypes placed upon the black community. I am black, most of the voices are black, and if you pass this off as "racist" and do attempt to understand the message, you are not doing any favor for the issues. This is meant to make people laugh yes but also point out the flaws in the current image of black America.

This is my animation for my junior thesis at the University of the Arts. And yes I got an 'A', haha, thank you Elliot Cowan.

Whenever a black person even THINKS about acting rationally, or dares to rise above stereotypes, your friendly hood-ass Captain Ignant is there to save the day! From African Americans getting shot for ridiculous reasons, to suburbanite black kids trying to be hood, Captain Ignant is there to keep black people the way they were "supposed" to be: IG'NANT!

Animated in Toon Boom Animate 2
Composited/Special Effects in Adobe After Effects CS5
Most voices recorded with Blue Yeti Microphone


The "N***a Moment" Superhero

If I was your professor, I wouldn't have given you an A, I would have accused you of plagiarism from the television series The Boondocks. Not only does this movie open with a reenactment of an opening scene from that show but much of the dialogue in this movie is lifted VERBATIM from the show! Even the performance is mimicked, I definitely heard more than one Colonel Stinkmeaner "nyicah"" in there. You ought to give Aaron McGruder a portion of any money you make off of this. Yeah, people might find this funny but that's because you lifted the ideas from good writers. It's very unoriginal and uninspired. I suggest applying your creative energy towards making something new next time.

Chakra-X responds:

I'm pretty sure Masters-equipped my animation professors would let me know if I was plagiarizing. The only thing "verbatim" about the skit is the n word. I don't blame you for thinking "two black dudes angry at each other over something small, shouting n***a a lot" is ripping that n***a moment scene, but that is a very stripped down comparison.

I won't deny my sense of humor is similar, it is quite a gross assumption that I am simply attempting to replicate the Boondocks.

I honestly think that people with similar accusations think "n***a moments" are just jokes the writers of the Boondocks made up. We are both drawing from the stupid shit that promotes violence or bad decisions in the black community.

I want to punch you in the mouth

you get a 2 for voices and decent animation...

you lose points on reaching, unoriginal content (you bit the boondocks and you know it) other than that this is a wild attempt to try and get views and if I ever saw you in public I'd punch you in the ear

Chakra-X responds:

don't know if I could dedicated time to storyboard, script, and animate my junior thesis in college, and only care about how to rip enough stuff to get 5s on Newgrounds....:/

Meh I got an A and "plagiarism" was never mentioned, so it's all good

Wait, in the ear?


The beginning part of this looks like it was taken from the episode about the n***a moment on The Boondocks. The characters fighting even resemble the guys off the boondocks who shoot it out which pretty much leads me to believe thats where you got your idea, they look too much alike. So I can't really give you anything for originality. I also have to say its sad the dude below me can't even spell accurate.

Chakra-X responds:

than you for the review, but that scene was 1/4 of the film. "n***a moments" like that are not owned by the Boondocks. Ever see a gun killing on the news about a "heated altercation"? That addressed that. What do you think the Boondocks pulled that idea from? I should not be forbidden from addressing situations like that because Boondocks happen to do it.

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May 18, 2011
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