Captain Ig'nant

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THIS IS A SATIRE. Captain Ig'nant represents the unfortunate hold of negative stereotypes placed upon the black community. I am black, most of the voices are black, and if you pass this off as "racist" and do attempt to understand the message, you are not doing any favor for the issues. This is meant to make people laugh yes but also point out the flaws in the current image of black America.

This is my animation for my junior thesis at the University of the Arts. And yes I got an 'A', haha, thank you Elliot Cowan.

Whenever a black person even THINKS about acting rationally, or dares to rise above stereotypes, your friendly hood-ass Captain Ignant is there to save the day! From African Americans getting shot for ridiculous reasons, to suburbanite black kids trying to be hood, Captain Ignant is there to keep black people the way they were "supposed" to be: IG'NANT!

Animated in Toon Boom Animate 2
Composited/Special Effects in Adobe After Effects CS5
Most voices recorded with Blue Yeti Microphone


Come on people. Get it? Ig'nant. Ignorant?

Or are you people just ignorant about that?

No one seems to get the message from the animation. Captain IGNORANT, come on people. It's really SAD not to get it, I mean if you don't get it, you're being ignorant about ignorance.

Funny, although it's a sensitive topic, so no wonder not many people got it. Seriously people. Lighten up.

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take a chill pill people

notice how "supposed" to be is in quotes there in the description?

To me its using stereotypical "black" behavior to show how not to be. To me its making the statement that if people are trying to straighten out their lives and live as an actual functional part of society (which the definition is debatable i'm sure) that there's always someone trying to bring you back down to an ignorant level.
You could do this about any race of people: whites, hispanics, blacks, indian, whatever. it would be funny to do one for every race i think. although i dont think you have to "act white" to act decently...

or hell, maybe it is racist and just done for a laugh. i donno what was going though the artist's head. but to me, the way i interpret it is that its not racist unless you WANT it to be (which just perpetuates the race rift anyway... so congratulations you oversensitive ones).

but yeah, its kinda funny too. could have used a bit more script work tho b/c it lacked a bit. sure if another one is done it'll be cleaner and more well written. concept is good though. kinda enjoyed it.

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it's not raicst

it's not racist if black people help made it or else if they thought it was racist then why would they voice act for it?

i just think it's just humor i mean look at comedys? like dave chepple he's back but yet he makes fun of his own race and also sometimes whites it's funny and i dont take it as racism sometimes you gotta step back and think *could i be racist for takeing things to far when they are only ment for jokes and comedy?* i mean theirs a huge differnace but it's not to hard to tell that this was made for jokes and laughs.

Oh mayn

"This racism is killing me inside!" Thank you for the laughs. The animation was sub par but the dialogue, sarcasim and comedy made up for it.

Great animation and all...

But really...REALLY? It takes a lot for me to actually want to log into my Newgrounds account and actually write a review.

The overall animation is great as well as the voice acting and syncing...but it is impossible for me to overlook how incredibly racist this animation is. Now I will not lie, I did laugh, it was funny and (hopefully) you did it for the humor...but just think about what your animating and what consequences they might have. So I will give a five for the animation and voice acting. But that is all.

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May 18, 2011
3:02 AM EDT
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