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Captain Ig'nant

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THIS IS A SATIRE. Captain Ig'nant represents the unfortunate hold of negative stereotypes placed upon the black community. I am black, most of the voices are black, and if you pass this off as "racist" and do attempt to understand the message, you are not doing any favor for the issues. This is meant to make people laugh yes but also point out the flaws in the current image of black America.

This is my animation for my junior thesis at the University of the Arts. And yes I got an 'A', haha, thank you Elliot Cowan.

Whenever a black person even THINKS about acting rationally, or dares to rise above stereotypes, your friendly hood-ass Captain Ignant is there to save the day! From African Americans getting shot for ridiculous reasons, to suburbanite black kids trying to be hood, Captain Ignant is there to keep black people the way they were "supposed" to be: IG'NANT!

Animated in Toon Boom Animate 2
Composited/Special Effects in Adobe After Effects CS5
Most voices recorded with Blue Yeti Microphone

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its kind of funny peope taling about shit

I thought it was funny, well made and makes a subtle point. if amarica would drop the black and white "issue" as it's been titled, we could all just be amaricans and build upon that. but all in all well done i gave it all the stars lol

Nice Boondocks spin-off.

took forever to load so I gave it 9/10. very nice!

Definitely Boondocks inspired! Animation is fluid, concepts are down, the whole package is here! Love this man... it reflects what I do as a black animator even more.