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Zombie Mob

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An fun new spin on an old classic. This is a"avoiding" game featuring a leaderboard and a customizable character.

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I agree with a few people on here that the game is slightly fun and addicting. I like the ability to customize the character perhaps you can add more looks, and music other then that great job and keep it up

Not exactly newgrounds worthy...

the graphics were low, the game is glitchy and theres not really much actual game play or skill involved with ths game.

zerojosh responds:

Thanks for the feedback!


this game reminds me of minecraft in a way, idk know if its the style or zombies :P

but also i liked the simple and quick to learn aspect of it

if your playing this game dont give up and hate it right away, just give it some time and you'll be addicted =)


Next time, try creating a larger scale to guide yourself around with.
To save space you could put the character customizable screen before you start the game.
Try drawing down the size of your characters (including zombies) to maybe half their size, and make the entire screen the play area.

You didn't try, did you?

I appreciate that your probably still learning and this is most likely your first (I hope), but just like any portfolio, you don't put in sketches and practice. Don't submit stuff thats not your best, nor not finished.

This game is god awful by all accounts. Too hard, too fast, too bad.