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This is the trailer to my maplestory movie, Going to Wonderland. I'm also holding auditions for some extra parts. If you're interested, please go to:

www.wix.com/cerarain/goin gtowonderland

For some reason, I am having quality issues here on newgrounds. If you'd like to see the HD version, you can find it on my youtube channel as well, here: http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=8z2Lltd_P2E

Short synopsis of the movie (in general):
As a child, Cera was forbidden to have imaginary friends. But, it never stopped her from make-believing. Eventually, she forgot about them. Her imaginary friends, however, never forgot about her.

One day, Cera finds herself in "Wonderland." In fact, she got there accidentally after chasing a cat down a hole. Little does she know that she created "Wonderland," and that she will need help from a trusty friend in order to stop the tyranny of a crazy woman, and to get out into reality alive.

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btw, i kinda like ur voice


Two for trying.

You should think about copyright issues by the way.

CeraRain responds:

I actually have, thanks. Nexon has been on actual notice that people have been using their graphics for movies for more than four years. In fact, they even hosted video contests for Maplestory in which the Second and Third place winners used their maplestory graphics. Nexon MapleSea also featured my videos, along with other videos that use Maplestory graphics on the FRONT page of their website. Furthermore, the lead animator for Maplestory (who represents Nexon) even favorited two videos that also used maplestory graphics. If ANYTHING, this is an approval of using graphics for movie making purposes.


i think you are probably one of the best users of maplestory sprites i have seen did you get all the sprites/backgrounds from BannedStory? u can msg me or leave comment :D

What the other guy said

Yeah... When I first heard the soundtrack, I felt like I was in a legit movie theater, watching a legit movie preview.
Please do something more than maple story with this.

Great start

Why stop at maple story animation? This could be a lot bigger if you wish it to be. Maybe after you finish it you will sell the rights to an animation company and they will make it into a full feature presentation. Do it big and it will be wonderful, i'll see if i can send some people your way, there are some very talented animators who need a well written story such as yours! let me know if you want/need some help. Or if you want some encouragement, good luck!

CeraRain responds:

Thank you for the advice! And, I really appreciate the help! Drawing is not my forte, unfortunately, and the only way for me to get my story across is through the use of sprites. I consider myself more of an actor/author/and video editor than an animator.

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May 16, 2011
8:35 PM EDT