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Famer vs Zombies

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Author Comments

Game about the confrontation inventive farmer nagging zombies

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Game irked me.
Day 4 seems impossible.
You have a never ending supply of enemies, and a finite amount of money. That doesn't bode well for the player considering zombies keep coming out faster than you can make your guys. Armor upgrades by day 4 suck...1 zombie takes out 50% of a farmers HP at a point where the next upgrade is 2k. Not acceptable. The clown then get at least 2-3 attacks on you before a farmer can touch them taking out 30-50% of their HP, while having triple the HP of a farmer.

The upgrades do little, to nothing, your cash value is so low and slow you can't keep up. There is no pause button, no mute button and the music gets old fast.

Pretty Good

Keep it up! This was fun, beats a LOT of games on here anyways. Like to see more from ya.

the chicken says cluck, cluck, BOOM!

not a bad game. it kind of reminds me of another one i've played a long time ago. it does need more types of units for both sides. and the cow is a little weak to me but, the chicken cracked me up more than anything :D like who would have thought placing high explosive on a chicken would be so much fun. you deff got something just keep working on it.

okay, heres the thing

I can tell you're inspired by a certain zombies vs rednecks game that was front page a while back. you buy buildings, and try to make more people to attack the zombie base while defending your own. different people have different abilities, while different buildings create different people or monetary income. now, i can understand if you want to have your own take on it, but here are some things that make it not alright:

1. it's so similar to the game you're basing it off of. you can be inspired by a zombie game and make one of your own, but make it original at least. it's like you wanted to make a remake of it, but fell a bit short. the details in the rednecks vs zombies game were pretty stunning for how small the vehicles and people were. there was an artistic eye put to it. i can understand if you wanna go cutesy with it, but if you want to do that go all the way. this just looks like you couldnt imitate the original's art.
2. the sound effects get annoying, as does that music in the background. it's also reminiscent of the redneck vs zombie game that you don't credit (not because they have that music, but because it's country music and it's what the other game was based around), and you never provided an offswitch for it. that brings me to three...
3. no pause button. no menu button. no restart. no music off. no sound effects off. no nothing that i can see.

so i guess in conclusion, if you're going to try your best to do a game over, make sure it's at least on par with or better than the game that everyone is going to be reminded of. you get a 3 stars from me because you put work into it, but i can't rate you any higher. that'd be like giving a coloring book of renaissance paintings the same value as the mona lisa; it just is not the same category, even if they're both labeled as "art". oh, just as i'm typing this the music ended of its own accord. might be another thing to look into.

Credits & Info

2.38 / 5.00

May 16, 2011
3:42 PM EDT